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Growing Your Business: Making Customers Feel Special

Customers like to be recognized and feel important to the success of your business. One way to provide the extra attention that they crave, without the extra cost of wining and dining, is to give them tangible gifts that they will actually use.

Customers Are Loyal

Custom mouse pads printed with your logo are a great customer gift to drop off at client customersmeetings to help keep your brand top of mind. Mouse pads get used where people see them so they strengthen your brand name for you long after your meeting ends. Custom printed mouse pads serve a dual purpose when you disperse them to your internal team by reinforcing your brand identity throughout the day.

Icustomersn today’s age of email and texting, sending a prospect or customer a handwritten thank you note or holiday card becomes a memorable treat.
You can pair the letter with custom letter openers branded with your company logo to show extra thought and appreciation and keep your brand out in the open even after the letter is thrown or stored away.

Your Brand Is Everything

customersRemember, your brand is your company’s most valuable asset. It represents the reputation and visibility of your business and becomes the essence of what customers trust about your products and services. Strategically placing your logo on functional gifts make your marketing budget go further while delivering tangible expressions of your brand identity.

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Growing Your Business: Boost Visibility With A Launch Event

launchEveryone loves a party and now that your logo is ready for the world it’s a perfect time to celebrate. A launch event can be as affordable or extravagant as you want because you can control the invite list, location and food and drink menu.

Launch Event Promotion Is The First Step To A New Market

launchTo promote your brand and remind guests why they have been invited, print your new business logo design on napkins, hang a banner on the wall or even hand out personalized individually wrapped snacks for guests to enjoy.

The Perfect Promotional Products

Of course, nobody likes to leave a party empty handed so consider a fun giveaway like  personalized stress balls that feature your new logo. Plus, stress balls no longer have to be round. They come in all shapes and sizes to tie together your brand with your event.

launchFor example, if you’re having a summertime launch at an outside venue, you might
consider customizing these flip flop stress balls with your logo. If your company is in the medical field, these nurse shaped stress balls or pill shaped stress balls can tie your logo to health care products and services in an interesting and memorable way.

Plus, stress balls with your logo on them take on a life of their own after the party when people take them home or back to the office. These great giveaways increase impressions of your logo to boost visibility and lend fund and energy to your brand.

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To check out all of the different products available and how to customize them, click right here.

BRAVA Marketing Promotions specializes in producing high-quality promotional merchandise and unique custom printed products.
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Cleaning Services: Arguably the Biggest Business to Get Into!

This tells you that, as an entrepreneur, you might be looking into a profitable market, especially if you happen to like cleaning! Imagine the possibilities. Vacuuming a house, sweeping a floor, dusting the walls and the ceiling, you name it: you enjoy doing it, so why not get paid for it? Of course, there’s the little thing about having to start an LLC, doing all the paperwork, and — you guessed it — branding! Cleaning services aren’t just a sole proprietorship, and shouldn’t be. With the scope of possibilities in this field, and how much people or businesses would be willing to pay for your cleaning services, you have to go all out!

As Far as Branding Is Concerned, All Sorts of cleaning services-1Promotional Tool Kits Can Be a Possibility Here

You wouldn’t even have to limit yourself to the home or business. You could, in fact, do auto cleaning! How’s that for a thought…. And to think branded or printed tool kits really had no use other than sheer pride in whatever you’re promoting. Think of yourself as the go to cleaning services professional. Branding a vacuum cleaner? That sets you apart from the rest.

We’re seeing the trend in full force when you think about it. We’ve got Uber, Lyft, car sharing brands. We even have a company targeting an unheard of market: filling up cars with gasoline right in the home (many gas stations are quivering in their boots as we speak). Services everywhere are seeing the writing on the wall. You should, too. Just like promotional tool kits for a multitude of other industries exist, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you can’t go wrong.

There’s No Doubt: Brand Your Equipment as a Professional Cleaner

It’s turnkey. It’s simple. You don’t even really need any sort of education. You have a ready-made business, unlimited customer base and demand, and all you’re missing is the simplest of corporate aspects: marketing and branding . And one of the best ways to brand yourself is to brand your actual equipment!

Check us out at BRAVA Marketing. Contact us right away! Who knows — we may have your kind of cleaning equipment right here, plus a list of other tool kits you might like to purchase for promotional purposes. As always, check out some of our other ideas for tool kits right here. Completely clean and dusted free of allergens, we might add!