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3 Top BRAVA Marketing Products for Golfers and Country Clubs

Hey, BRAVA Marketing masters: welcome to the coming of Spring (sort of), and with every shedding of the ice, snow, sleet and flakes, we get the rain, blooms, and ragweed. Which is why many of us long for a time to balance all of that out and play some 18 holes at our favorite country club. Except for one thing: we need the best BRAVA Marketing products out there. Plain and simple. After all, this is the sport of golf. And golf means caddies, clubs, balls, tees, and other things you’ll need to make sure you’re good on your game.

Here’s the Top Three BRAVA Marketing Products You’ll Find

And believe it or not, you’ll have a wealth of options to choose from within those three product types. Yes, the clubs are a must. And you do have to wear right kind of clothes. But nothing beats having these three. For any professional golfer, they’re a must.

And, of course, you need a whole lot more. These, however, are ones you need specifically branded in whatever you like. They’re crucial to the game.  Yes, even the umbrella serves the best kind of purpose.

So Take Note of This and Contact BRAVA Marketing Right Now

That’s right: right here. You can peruse all the designs as well for any of our umbrellas, golf kits, and repair tools. BRAVA Marketing has them all. Everything you need to be the professional we know you are.

Why a Swimming Instructor Will Benefit From Branded Ear Plugs

You know it’s a hard job teaching anyone on how to do anything for a lengthy period of time: piano lessons, strength training, math (definitely)…and, of course, swimming. And that’s a profession that is of the most intense given the level of professionalism and safety precaution. Thankfully, you can expect to not see a whole lot of competition in the field. But just in case…. You have a winning gift to give for this market — on both the customer level, and employee level!

Word of Mouth Is HUGE When It Comes to Swimming Instruction, and Branded Ear Plugs Can Go a Long Way

Imagine at the end of an entire summer session giving out these really cool corded earplugs as a THANK YOU gift, branded with your label, reminding both student and branded ear plugsparent/guardian that you are the standard in swim instruction.  That’s the feeling, worth every penny, and ensuring your reputation carries on to the next class — and the next class.

In a nutshell, you ensure you keep your student base strong with the little steps you take in proving that you’re a professional. Moreover, let’s just say you have swim instructors as your employees, and you want to enhance their professional image as well. For longevity and a promotional brand gift that lasts, this spreads the reputation throughout your entire regime and never gets old.

Essentially Your Students Will See That Your Instructors Mean Business. Plain and Simple.

And when they mean business, they exude authority. They’ve got the brand on them. And a double whammy when at the end of the class, the students get the exact same gifts as a THANK YOU. A feeling of accomplishment. Pride. Loyalty. That’s branding at its best.

Who knew something as little and almost insignificant as branded ear plugs could make any bit of difference to your business? The fact is you’ll never know until you put yourself out there. So check us out at BRAVA Marketing. We have a variety of options of ear plugs to work with. Contact us today when you’ve decided to up that professionalism in your swim instructing game!

Why a Restaurant Will Benefit From a Branded Beer Pitcher

We might be preaching to the choir on this one given the fact that just about everything you see in a restaurant’s branded. Even the bathrooms oftentimes are branded. But a branded beer pitcher? Why would that make such a difference. It’s simple:

Lots of Studies Actually Show That Alcohol Consumption Is One of the Biggest Revenue Producers for Restaurants

More and more customers tend to buy more and more food, staying much much longer when buying alcohol. It’s sort of like a domino effect, people. If you’re branding your beerbranded beer pitcher pitchers, you’re leaving a longer lasting impression on your customers purchasing their beer in bulk via the classic pitcher with your logo on it.

Statistically, you can only imagine: just how much would this potentially increase your daily revenue?? Shocking….

We jest a bit given the fact that a lot of this is hypothetical — but isn’t promotional marketing generally hypothetical already? You’re basing your strategy on ‘what-ifs’, banking on the marketability of your product and the eyes of the customer. It’s all about predictions and the worthwhile investment.

After all, those pitchers will be yours for LIFE. They don’t just ‘expire’ or anything. As far as promotional marketing is concerned, you’re purchasing the bulk branded beer pitchers for good reason, and the cost of them will be made up and then some well over time. And it’s worth it in the long run if you’re seeing a demographic that’ll stay longer in your restaurant and buy more product if you’re keeping the branded beer pitcher filled up!

Consider the Branded Beer Pitcher as Part of Your Promotional Marketing Agenda. Period.

BRAVA Marketing can definitely help you out with that in ways you can’t even count. We have a wealth of options in designs for you to choose from. Simply contact us! And let’s get your customers ridiculously happy with your brand!

Why a Promotional Keychain Would LOVE an LED Light to Make It Cool

Let’s face it: a promotional keychain at an event or summit in a swag bag gets a bit tired, and you know the drill — it’s branded marketing, getting the logo and name out, and everyone understands the meaning. The thing about a keychain is that it goes right on what we all use every day: our keys. You see the principle there?

That’s Why a Promotional Keychain Still Is a Hot Item in Today’s Custom Printed Market!

Too many keychains, though, can bulk it up a little too much for the troubled client or customer, which is why saturation spells doom for your brand unless you can stand out a bit more. Thanks to BRAVA Marketing, though, you have the added feature to help you stand out. LED lights! And here’s the bonus — it’s practical and useful.

We’re willing to bet you have a set of keys and only one of those keychains has an actual LED light. There’s a reason for that — you only need one. That light’s helpful for a lot of reasons: finding your keyhole in the dark, making the cat go crazy. You name it. The use is there in full force.

So Why Not Make It a Part of Your Promotional Marketing Plan?

It works well for employees. Customers. Clients. Partners. A never-ending soiree of LED subtlety. And BRAVA Marketing has it all right here. Moreover, believe it or not, but LED serves plenty of purposes regarding the promotional LED product, and you can find a lot of other options here. Contact us today for more information, and we’ll be glad to help you find the product that’s more you than anyone else.

Chances are good, though, the keychain unlocks the door to you. Good thing you’ve got the LED light to help you find that keyhole, though.