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Why a Sports Bar Can Go Designer Awesome With Custom Printed Foam Novelties

You know you love that sports bar right around the corner. The big-screen TVs, trivia, maybe a pool table or two. But the main reason (besides the booze) of going to any sports bar is to get to watch the game without dealing with the crowds, the headaches, and the weather. You just want to chill, check out the game, enjoy your beer, and the rest is history.

We’re Sure Every Sports Bar Owner Knows This — Which is Why Matching the Theme Well Especially Geographically Matters!

Logo printed foam novelties really speak to the customer, especially when you brand it exactly how they want it to be. Let them cheer. Heck, let them cheer with their own foam novelties while a bit tipsied up! You provide the goods. You decorate your space with your own branded foam novelties, and it’s one big tailgate party in the comfort of your own pub.

And you can do that for very little money through BRAVA Marketing! Win-win. Or touchdown. How about  “score”? Or however you want to call it.

From a certain perspective, this is marketing at its best, especially if you know your customers. Play to their ideals, and you have them hooked. Are they big on their hometown team? Good. Get some foam novelties custom made, and when the big game starts, PASS THEM OUT! You just can’t beat that kind of customer retention in a sports bar, grade A, and unbeatable.

Don’t Hesitate. Sign Up for BRAVA Marketing Right Now.

You can actually peruse our many designs right now, right here. And after you find a design, or a particular kind of foam novelty, CONTACT US RIGHT NOW. We’ll help you out. That’s our job. Your job is to make sure your customers get to watch their team win the game.

An Untouched Niche for a Promotional Frisbee Gift: Event Management?

We don’t need to really sell the benefit of investing in a promotional frisbee gift idea for your clients, customers, or colleagues. The question is this: in what situation? What industries? Think about that for a moment: we don’t really see that there would be a need for a CEO to offer up frisbees as branded gifts when the company’s a power plant, or even an insurance company — although creativity’s a great way to boost employee morale! So if it works, do it.

Think About This for a Moment: Event Management, THE Key Industry Practically Designed for a Promotional Frisbee Gift

The whole point behind event management is to get clients and guests pretty jazzed about the fun event going on — maybe it’s a golf outing, or a summer wedding on a beach, promotional frisbee giftperhaps a volleyball tournament? You’re seeing the picture.

Part of event management involves real promotion, real swag. When you give that stuff out, it’s practically purposed and timeless marketing with a bit of pizzazz to go along with it.

Your brand is remembered even more than when they go through the memorable event. And that’s saying something.

One thing to keep in mind: the weather. It rings a bell with your clients, colleagues and guests in a big way for obvious reasons. People tie in the idea of a promotional frisbee gift as something to enjoy in the summer or Spring, and if your event just happens to be at a beach or park, well — that’s a double whammy for you! You’ve scored a big one for Team Frisbee.

More importantly, it’s all about sports, and the sports lifestyle. Perhaps you’re a promotional company working on an event involving beach sports or fun in the sun — a promotional frisbee gift seals the deal! What else would? Water bottles (they work, too, but why not go above and beyond to really make an impression?)

That’s Just the Start of It — Who Knew?

Who knew there were that many possibilities to doing a bulk order for some branded frisbees to pass out as gifts? The idea’s interesting, that’s for sure — and you might be in a market to offer that kind of gift. Check us out at BRAVA Marketing to learn more. Contact us right away. You can even browse all the different selections we have right here.

Just don’t forget the Coppertone.

Here’s a Promotional Gift Worthwhile for Your Car Dealership Salespeople

A lot of work goes into selling those cars, don’t you think? And if it wasn’t for those salespeople you have on staff, there’s be no business at all. That’s why employee recognition with a promotional gift always does the trick. The question is this: how do you do it?

What Kind of Promotional Gift Would Work Well? Flowers? Candy? DVDs? A Gift Card?

Honestly…. None of the above!promotional gift - auto tool kit

Step back for a moment and realize that you’re dealing with a particular industry and a type of person who you can only assume loves exactly what he/she sells: cars. BEAUTIFUL cars, mind you. If your salespeople don’t love selling those cars, those aren’t the salespeople you want on staff. Period.

You can imagine the joy and the glee in your top salespeople when they see the promotional gift or award happens to be — you guessed it — a branded auto tool kit! Makes perfect sense. What’s awesome is you don’t have to stop there with these types of branded promotional items, because they can be fantastic for everything from business functions to THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK gifts during Christmas.

And the best part?

BRAVA Marketing Has the Best Selection of Styles for Auto Tool Kits

All you need to do is check us out right now. Contact us. Look at all the options we have. And then you decide. What would your employees want as part of their repertoire for repairing cars? The great thing is if they landed a sweet deal already for being an employee, they have just everything they need to make sure their investment’s well maintained.

You can’t buy employee morale and loyalty like that when they received all of that — just for being employed by you, and doing a fantastic job selling those cars to the public.

Why a Swimming Instructor Will Benefit From Branded Ear Plugs

You know it’s a hard job teaching anyone on how to do anything for a lengthy period of time: piano lessons, strength training, math (definitely)…and, of course, swimming. And that’s a profession that is of the most intense given the level of professionalism and safety precaution. Thankfully, you can expect to not see a whole lot of competition in the field. But just in case…. You have a winning gift to give for this market — on both the customer level, and employee level!

Word of Mouth Is HUGE When It Comes to Swimming Instruction, and Branded Ear Plugs Can Go a Long Way

Imagine at the end of an entire summer session giving out these really cool corded earplugs as a THANK YOU gift, branded with your label, reminding both student and branded ear plugsparent/guardian that you are the standard in swim instruction.  That’s the feeling, worth every penny, and ensuring your reputation carries on to the next class — and the next class.

In a nutshell, you ensure you keep your student base strong with the little steps you take in proving that you’re a professional. Moreover, let’s just say you have swim instructors as your employees, and you want to enhance their professional image as well. For longevity and a promotional brand gift that lasts, this spreads the reputation throughout your entire regime and never gets old.

Essentially Your Students Will See That Your Instructors Mean Business. Plain and Simple.

And when they mean business, they exude authority. They’ve got the brand on them. And a double whammy when at the end of the class, the students get the exact same gifts as a THANK YOU. A feeling of accomplishment. Pride. Loyalty. That’s branding at its best.

Who knew something as little and almost insignificant as branded ear plugs could make any bit of difference to your business? The fact is you’ll never know until you put yourself out there. So check us out at BRAVA Marketing. We have a variety of options of ear plugs to work with. Contact us today when you’ve decided to up that professionalism in your swim instructing game!