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3 Top Self-Made Businesses Benefiting From Promotional Tool Kits

Branding’s all about image. As an entrepreneur, you probably understand that better than anybody else. These days service industries benefit the best out of that kind of branding: everything from the vehicles, to the marketing materials, and everything in between. This is especially the case when reaching out to the customer versus having a home base for consumers to find you. Think Jimmy Johns, or other catering businesses! Their vehicles have branding. So what if you’re a one-man service show offering one of the most important aspects of everyday life — maintenance and repair! — and you need some really good branding and promotional equipment?

That’s Where Promotional Tool Kits Make a Difference!promotional tool kits

And there are three types of businesses benefiting from promotional tool kits. You’ll find them below, and you can only imagine the possibilities. This is crucial especially from a marketing standpoint. It’s one thing to brand your vehicle, or brand your store, or even brand your brochures. Sometimes that’s a given. But to brand your actual tools? That’s a completely different ballgame. Check out the three listed right here:

Those tool kits you’ll carry around will end up setting you apart from the rest of the crowd. You’ll stand out. You have that game-changer, the unique selling proposition. You’re a professional. Your business doesn’t just using any sort of generic tools.

You’re using the tools of your qualified business.

Consider Promotional Tool Kits as Your Instant Lead Generator

Your customers will see you using them. Period. It changes the game for you, so don’t hesitate to take a quick look at the options we at BRAVA Marketing have. You can explore the many different types of tool kits we sell right here, and don’t hesitate to contact us immediately for something you have in mind!

One thing’s for sure: we’re the fix for your needs, so you can fix other customers’ issues!

Cleaning Services: Arguably the Biggest Business to Get Into!

This tells you that, as an entrepreneur, you might be looking into a profitable market, especially if you happen to like cleaning! Imagine the possibilities. Vacuuming a house, sweeping a floor, dusting the walls and the ceiling, you name it: you enjoy doing it, so why not get paid for it? Of course, there’s the little thing about having to start an LLC, doing all the paperwork, and — you guessed it — branding! Cleaning services aren’t just a sole proprietorship, and shouldn’t be. With the scope of possibilities in this field, and how much people or businesses would be willing to pay for your cleaning services, you have to go all out!

As Far as Branding Is Concerned, All Sorts of cleaning services-1Promotional Tool Kits Can Be a Possibility Here

You wouldn’t even have to limit yourself to the home or business. You could, in fact, do auto cleaning! How’s that for a thought…. And to think branded or printed tool kits really had no use other than sheer pride in whatever you’re promoting. Think of yourself as the go to cleaning services professional. Branding a vacuum cleaner? That sets you apart from the rest.

We’re seeing the trend in full force when you think about it. We’ve got Uber, Lyft, car sharing brands. We even have a company targeting an unheard of market: filling up cars with gasoline right in the home (many gas stations are quivering in their boots as we speak). Services everywhere are seeing the writing on the wall. You should, too. Just like promotional tool kits for a multitude of other industries exist, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you can’t go wrong.

There’s No Doubt: Brand Your Equipment as a Professional Cleaner

It’s turnkey. It’s simple. You don’t even really need any sort of education. You have a ready-made business, unlimited customer base and demand, and all you’re missing is the simplest of corporate aspects: marketing and branding . And one of the best ways to brand yourself is to brand your actual equipment!

Check us out at BRAVA Marketing. Contact us right away! Who knows — we may have your kind of cleaning equipment right here, plus a list of other tool kits you might like to purchase for promotional purposes. As always, check out some of our other ideas for tool kits right here. Completely clean and dusted free of allergens, we might add!