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Growing Your Business: Boost Visibility With A Launch Event

launchEveryone loves a party and now that your logo is ready for the world it’s a perfect time to celebrate. A launch event can be as affordable or extravagant as you want because you can control the invite list, location and food and drink menu.

Launch Event Promotion Is The First Step To A New Market

launchTo promote your brand and remind guests why they have been invited, print your new business logo design on napkins, hang a banner on the wall or even hand out personalized individually wrapped snacks for guests to enjoy.

The Perfect Promotional Products

Of course, nobody likes to leave a party empty handed so consider a fun giveaway like  personalized stress balls that feature your new logo. Plus, stress balls no longer have to be round. They come in all shapes and sizes to tie together your brand with your event.

launchFor example, if you’re having a summertime launch at an outside venue, you might
consider customizing these flip flop stress balls with your logo. If your company is in the medical field, these nurse shaped stress balls or pill shaped stress balls can tie your logo to health care products and services in an interesting and memorable way.

Plus, stress balls with your logo on them take on a life of their own after the party when people take them home or back to the office. These great giveaways increase impressions of your logo to boost visibility and lend fund and energy to your brand.

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BRAVA Marketing Promotions specializes in producing high-quality promotional merchandise and unique custom printed products.
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Get A Double Shot Of Brand Exposure With Promotional Coffee Mugs

Get a double shot of brand exposure with promotional coffee mugs. Branded coffee mugs have an advantage over some other promotional products because they’re often used daily. This functionality drives your message home on a regular basis.

A Boost To Your Brandcoffee mugs

Personalized coffee mugs have the potential to make a big impact in your brand. After all, who doesn’t love a great mug for their daily coffee or tea or most anything else? Custom mugs are one of the best items to brand, and for good reason—they’ are durable, classy, and have widespread appeal throughout many industries!

BRAVA’s selection of shapes, sizes, styles, capacities and colors guaranteed to fit your company’s taste. They are a perfect budget-friendly buy for stocking your break room. Use them as giveaways to generate leads and strengthen current relationships. Add tasty treats to transform our mugs into thoughtful thank you gifts. Insert gourmet coffee, candy, cocoa, cookies or candy for a custom gift that keeps on giving. Guarantee a spot at any table with BRAVA’s custom mugs.

Our Variety Is Key

coffee mugsYour brand shouldn’t have the same mug as everyone else, so look to BRAVA Marketing to have the best selection of different mugs that will make your brand stand out.

If you’re looking for an item that recipients will hang onto and appreciate, look no further than personalized coffee mugs! Easily print your logo on them and spread name recognition. Everyone has that favorite coffee mug, which is why creating custom coffee mugs for your organization and business is always a good idea. We carry a variety of promotional coffee mugs, from travel mugs and tumblers, to the tried and true desk mug. Engrave and start personalizing today!

coffee mugs

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To check out all of the different mugs available and how to customize them, click right here. Don’t worry, there is one for a cup holder of any size!

BRAVA Marketing Promotions specializes in producing high-quality promotional merchandise and unique custom printed products.

The Reason Why Custom Lip Balm Gifts Can Retain Your Customers

In this day and age, competition’s fierce. You have to go the extra mile. Why? Because you can lose customers to competitors in a blink of an eye unless you know how to foster those big business relationships!

Here’s the Funny Thing: You Can Do That With Custom Lip Balm

Not just any lip balm. Lip balm with your BRAND ON IT. It sends a message. You’re a cut above the rest. You go above and beyond the regular call of duty. You’re better than the competition. More importantly, you’ll keep your customer base for the long haul.

Isn’t that arguably the most important aspect of successful business? Not just getting new customers, but retaining your current ones! What better way to do that than with promotional gifts as a THANK YOU for doing business?

And, yes, you can do that with custom lip balm!

The Thing Is There’s Always Going to Be a LOT of Competition

And you have to stand out somehow. We assure you: lots of companies will be doing the promotional gift thing for the long haul, because they really have to. They can’t afford not to. So being creative is a must.

At BRAVA Marketing, you can find a huge host of different products to use as a way to say THANK YOU to your customers or clients, and the point of custom lip balm is that everyone can need it! It’s a household item. It’s a MUST (especially during the winter, and sometimes the summer).

So you give your customer a win-win. It’s a free gift. It’s useful. And it’s got your name on it.

You tell ME if that doesn’t help your business stand out.

For more options on custom lip balm, click here and then contact us, so we can get you started right now!