Promotional Cocktail Stirrers, Imprinted Cocktail Stirrers, Imprinted Swizzle Sticks, Promotional Light-up Cocktail Stirrers

BRAVA Marketing Promotions can imprint your company branding, corporate logo, or unique business message on a variety of personalized promotional cocktail stirrer & swizzle stickes, such as light-up cocktail stirrers, golf club & golf theme cocktail stirrers, bride & groom stirrers, imprinted palm tree drink stirrers for tropical themes, rifle cocktail stirrers, imprinted football stirrers, dolphins, sailboats, guitars & cocktail stirrers for almost any promotional event you are planning – all at low prices that fit your promotional marketing budget.


6.3" Stainless Steel Cocktail Swizzle Stick Beverage Coffee Stirrers Custom Imprinted


This swizzle stick is made of stainless steel. It can be used to stir cocktail, juice, coffee, chocolate milk and other drinks. Great for bar, home, office use. Engraved your logo on it as a good promotional gift. 6.3" L x 0.8" W..


7'' Metal Reuseable Stir Sticks Custom Printed


This reuseable swizzle stick is made of food grade stainless steel. It has a round shape handle, your logo can be customized on it. Great for cocktail, juice, coffee, chocolate milk and other drinks. 7" L..


Bamboo Chopsticks in Cello Wrapper Logo Branded


Wrap up the fiscal year with an Asian inspired company dinner featuring our Bamboo Chopsticks. Your business name or logo can be printed on either the wrapper or the chopsticks themselves to prominently promote your business and services. The authentic chopsticks made from a renewable source are sure to make any event or venue memorable. Customize ..


Black Plastic Chopsticks in Cello Wrapper Logo Branded


Don't leave people in the dark about who your company is when you print your information on Black Plastic Chopsticks! The authentic plastic chopsticks are sure to make any event or venue memorable. Whether you choose to place an imprint on the chopsticks, the wrapper or both, people will remember which business went the extra mile to connect with t..


Custom Imprinted 8" Bamboo Chopsticks


Professional-grade bamboo chopstick set. Includes a set of 2 chopsticks, with one engraving on one chopstick. Engraving on both chopsticks available for additional charge. Perfect for appetizers, catering, food service, picnics, weddings, buffets, and everyday use. Easy-to-Clean, Dishwasher-Safe. Complies with FDA, Food Grade, ISO 9001. 8" L..


Custom Imprinted Beginner's Chopstitcks


Beginner Chopsticks, Connected, Training, Recycled Plastic. 8" L..


Custom Imprinted Cocktail Swizzle Stick Stirrer (Custom Molded)


Our Custom Molded Cocktail Swizzle Sticks are anything but standard. Completely customizable in any PMS color, logo shape, etc. Standard size is 6" but we can produce any size bespoke. Our 6" x 1.25" plastic swizzle sticks are built with durable FDA approved food-grade plastic that's washable and reusable and perfect for brand visibility and drink ..


Custom Imprinted Eco-Friendly Wooden Stir Sticks


Made from a renewable resource, wooden stirrers are more than plastic stirrers. They are biodegradable, and can be thrown out with food waste. As a one-time use product, these stirrers offer convenience. Save time and water by not having to wash spoons! 6.3" L..


Custom Imprinted Mini Goalie Stick & 2 Pucks


Hockey Set - Comes with 23" long x 0.25" thick goalie stick and two 3"x0.25" pucks...


Custom Imprinted Mini Mobile Phone Selfie Stick


This super mini collapsible wired selfie stick is made of 100 percent new material that is light and compact but extremely rugged. Allows you to simply connect it with your cellphone, tablet: Open the phone clip and take the phone inserted the 3.5MM audio cable to the headphone jack to take a photo. Custom logo is available by Screen printing. 5 1..


Custom Imprinted Rosewood Finish Martini Set (Laser engraved)


Rosewood Finish Martini Set has a silver latch and hinges on the box. Includes: Martini-shaker w/ small straining cap, 1 strainer, 1 ice tongs, 1 stirrer, and 1 two ounce jigger. 11 1/2" L x 10 3/8" W x 4" H..


Custom Imprinted T-Shaped Telescopic Walking Stick


Adjustable length from approximately 51cm to 110cm. Made from ultralight 100% aluminum material, which minimizes the impact on joints. Quick lock technology allows user to adjust pole's length quickly and easily While firmly holding its position. Rubber handle with soft sponge, it is very comfortable to hold. Your logo can be printed. 1 side 1 colo..


Custom Imprinted Wooden Coffee Stick


Designed with a rectangle top to allow for more decoration space, you've got nothing to lose with this BPA free and recyclable accessory. Upgrade your next event by making this drink stirrer which bartenders, restaurant owners and consumers will love! Suitable for black and white parties or more formal events, get ready to stir up excitement for yo..


Custom Printed 7" Stainless Steel Cocktail Swizzle Stick Beverage Coffee Stirrers


This swizzle stick is made of stainless steel. It can be used to stir cocktail, juice, coffee, chocolate milk and other drinks. Great for bar, home, office use. Engraved your logo on it as a good promotional gift. 7" L x 0.8" W..


Custom Printed Foldable Aluminum Walking Stick Alpenstock


We use Aviation Aluminum to make the Strongest & Lightest Poles in the Outdoor Market. Lever Locks that do not jam and are simple & easy to adjust. Adjustable from 20 to 44 inches featuring an easy and reliable lever lock height adjustment. Perfect for women, men, and everyone from short to tall. The soft, adjustable hand-straps assist in holding y..


Custom Printed Foldable Drive-By-Wire Selfie Stick


In stainless steel material with macaron silicone handle. Compatible with most phones in the market. Plug and play without bluetooth connecting or charging. A shutter button on the handle for convenient snapshot. Lenth adjustment allowed thanks to the metal elastic handle. Perfect giveaway for taking beautiful photos in a single trip. 28 3/10" L..


Custom Printed Foldable Washable Dusting roller Sticky Hair


High quality PP material, healthy and environmentally friendly. The drum is made of high quality TPR adhesive with strong adsorption capacity, can be washed and reused more than 200 times. Use the tear-off rubber protective film for the first time, and clean the clothes, sofa and bedding with a single brush. 3 7/8" L x 1 1/6" W..


Custom Rally Stick (7"x15") Custom Imprinted


Recyclable rally stick with many shapes to choose from or create your own. Fan favorite giveaway at sporting events, pep rallies, school booster clubs, auctions and fundraising. Show support for local, national political candidate with this 8 inch fan. Makes a great outdoor four color process restaurant menu. Sponsors can display their message at c..


Eco-Friendly Wooden Round Top Stir Sticks Custom Imprinted


These multi-purpose picks are the next great addition to your cocktails, mixed drinks, burgers, and other sandwiches! Their eco-friendly design made entirely from wood will help garnish anywhere from the next big event to a simple daily routine. The circle top makes handling a breeze for the user and perfect for labeling. 6.3" L..


Extendable Wired Selfie Stick Logo Branded


When you go travel or outdoor activities. Have you been crazy because no one can take photos for you? If you had this experience, we will attract your eyes on this page. Updated selfie stick will definitely meet your demands. This selfie stick can be extended to 31 7/8", and your logo can be imprinted on the stick.1 side 1 color 1 location,The list..


LED Swizzle Sticks 7.875" Custom Imprinted


Light Up LED Swizzle Sticks with Circle/Square Topper. Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green light can be selected. Logo can be customized on the top. Perfect for Bars, Clubs, Dinner Parties & More! 7 7/8" L..


Lobster Shaped Swizzle Stir Sticks (Pack of 25) Custom Printed


Pack of 25 lobster stir sticks, blank - no personalized imprint. Decorate drinks with this lobster stir sticks. Lobster stir sticks for your party cocktails! Put them on the bar for a fun addition to your party drinks. 6" L x 1" W..


Logo Branded 12" Compostable Balloon Saddles


This balloon saddle is made from certified PLA, a vegetable-based plastic, made from renewable resources (e.g., corn, potatoes). This one-piece balloon holder is designed to support latex balloons in an upright position. The special design does not require the balloon to be tied before it's attached to the stick. For use with air-filled 9" & 11" la..


Logo Branded Drink Stirrers Swizzle Sticks/ bars & Party


This PS material item is mainly used in the bar, on parties, at home, hotel, or caf¨¦, for stirring coffee, cocktail, drinks, juice, milk tea or for other uses, very useful. We can promise the high quality and you can keep using for a long time, cute and durable. Your logo can be imprinted on the round area with diameter 1.37 inches. It is a nece..


Logo Branded Handheld Selfie Stick


This designed to extend to 5 different lengths, the ultra long selfie stick can be collapsed and taken anywhere. Multi-angle 180¡ rotation helps to capture every wonderful moment. At a whopping length of 106 inches, you can get everyone and everything in the frame. Use this essential tool for amazing scenic and group shots. Anti-slip soft holder p..


Logo Branded LED Sponge Foam Cheering Stick


The protective insulation piece at the bottom of the sponge rod is removed, and the switch is turned on by pressing the switch. Each time the illumination frequency is changed once, there are 3 kinds of luminous flash effects. The LED light inside the rod shines evenly through the sponge, especially at night, just like the neon tube emits colored l..


Logo Branded Olivewood Honey Dipper


Great way to serve honey. . .dip and twist. 7" long. 7" L..


Logo Branded Plastic Cups and Sticks for Air-Filled Balloons


Plastic Cups and 16'' Plastic sticks for balloons. Fill your balloons with air and Save money. Hand them out to people and get great advertising at low cost. Your logo stays straight and kids will advertise your brand for the whole day! Or ask us about our other balloon accessories to put together clever displays to use your air-filled balloons. 1..


Rosewood Finish Martini Set (Screen printed) Custom Imprinted


Rosewood Finish Martini Set has a silver latch and hinges on the box. Includes: Martini-shaker w/ small straining cap, 1 strainer, 1 ice tongs, 1 stirrer, and 1 two ounce jigger. 11 1/2" L x 10 3/8" W x 4" H..


Wired Selfie Stick Custom Printed


FREE LASER ENGRAVINGS. Wired Selfie Stick. Plug in your smart phone and take photos with the built in button. Works with most smart phones...


Wooden Honey Dipper Stick Custom Imprinted


This wooden stick has grooves that easily collect and dispense honey from the jar. Its made of high quantity food-grade wood and will not scratch surfaces. It's perfect for wedding and party favors, or as holiday gifts; It's great for drizzling honey, maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, melted chocolate, caramel and more. Your customized logo is acce..

Our extensive selection of affordable promotional cocktail stirrers, imprinted cocktail stirrers, imprinted swizzle sticks, light-up imprinted cocktail stirrer giveaways, and low price sports theme drink stirrers are ideal low cost promotional imprinted items - the perfect giveaway for promoting your corporate name at trade shows, golf tournaments, sporting events, fundraisers, or any special marketing event. These custom imprinted cocktail stirrers and promotional swizzle sticks are practical low cost, branded corporate logo promotional giveaways that enhance corporate visibility.

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