Tips & Secrets for Successful Promotional Products Marketing Programs

Think value not just the budget.

Thinking about the perceived value of the promotional item to the target group may bring about a better result than stressing over the program budget. We all work with in budget constraints and must be prudent with all advertising programs, but many branded items can carry a higher value when viewed from the recipients' point of view.

Planning ahead can save you money.

Ordering your custom printed items a few days or a week or so earlier can save lots of money. During key times throughout the year production schedules for printed products get very tight. Planning ahead and getting out in front of these times can save you rush charges and expedited freight cost.

Segment the program into one, two or three target groups.

Stretch your promotional dollars by segmenting your recipients into high, medium and low value targets. You may want to offer a general branded item to all the target recipients; this may be a lower cost item that still conveys the proper message. There will however be some higher value targets that should receive a little something extra or special.

Printing on fabric is not the same as printing on paper.

What looks good on paper may not look good on a shirt, bag or other rough surface item. Lots of detail in your logo, small type size and curly-que fonts may not print clearly on may promotional products. Smaller items may not have the room to print large square logos or multiple colors.

A little something is better than nothing.

You have always heard the line 'It's the thought that counts' well that's partially true. You don't have to give out expensive premiums to say thanks or remind key customers about your organization but you need to give something. Pick a price point that fits your budget and check the website for appropriate items that keeps you on track. Just letting a potential client or employee know you are thinking of them is good for business.

What are you trying to accomplish with the program? You can't get there if you don't know where you are going.

It is very helpful if you set some clear and concise goals for your promotional products program. For each event or project determine what are you trying to accomplish. Are you just saying thank you to key employees or customer? Are you trying to generate new customers? Do you want to remind trade show attendees of the items they saw in your booth? Are you trying to motivate the sales team to achieve their quotas? Are you trying to successfully launch a new product or service?

Seasonal focused items are timely and appreciated.

Focusing on the time of year and pending holidays can generate a lot of good will. Seasonally imprinted items especially when given slightly in advance indicate you are thinking ahead and will generate a lasting impression. Imprinted products are usually well received and will be used with in a short time frame that ties in with the holiday or season. Items rarely stay packaged becoming visible quickly.