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Top Reasons for Buying Promotional Lip Balm Products for Your Clients

Even though we’re past Christmas, you’re still going to want to think about gift-giving as an entrepreneur for a lot of reasons. One, it’s reputation management. And two, there’s no better gift than lip balm!

Wait a Second…. Lip Balm?? Why Lip Balm?

The odd thing is we’re asking the same question except for the fact that promotional lip balm products say a lot about appreciation. Ever walk into one of those Bath & Body Works stores? The lotions seem to call out for you, don’t they?

Lip balm does the same exact thing. And just about everyone needs it from time to time, especially during this winter season. Specifically, there are major reasons why you’d want to send something like a branded lip balm product to your client. Here’s a quick list:

One: You’re Thanking Them for the Business They Give You

Click here to learn more about what it could mean for you to send a branded product for lip balm, especially depending on your industry. The fact is you ensure that customer satisfaction, hands down.

Two: Developing That Business Relationship 101

Ask yourself the important question about competition. Your competitor doesn’t maintain any B2B relations, but you do. Who wins? Click here and find out why YOU would win….

And Remember: It’s Not About Extravagance

You’re not trying to impress your customers or clients. Rather than the price tag saying more, it’s about the personal touch. The fact that you have a completely unrelated product in your brand name says a lot about you professionally. You’re not trying to win them over with a high-priced item.

You’re simply letting them know that you’re a brand. Not just a business. You’re a symbol. Not just a service. And it shows in everything you give, do, and provide for your customer base.

Visit BRAVA Marketing right now for more ideas on promotional gift, and as always, you can peruse our options for lip balm right here. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

The Reason Why Custom Lip Balm Gifts Can Retain Your Customers

In this day and age, competition’s fierce. You have to go the extra mile. Why? Because you can lose customers to competitors in a blink of an eye unless you know how to foster those big business relationships!

Here’s the Funny Thing: You Can Do That With Custom Lip Balm

Not just any lip balm. Lip balm with your BRAND ON IT. It sends a message. You’re a cut above the rest. You go above and beyond the regular call of duty. You’re better than the competition. More importantly, you’ll keep your customer base for the long haul.

Isn’t that arguably the most important aspect of successful business? Not just getting new customers, but retaining your current ones! What better way to do that than with promotional gifts as a THANK YOU for doing business?

And, yes, you can do that with custom lip balm!

The Thing Is There’s Always Going to Be a LOT of Competition

And you have to stand out somehow. We assure you: lots of companies will be doing the promotional gift thing for the long haul, because they really have to. They can’t afford not to. So being creative is a must.

At BRAVA Marketing, you can find a huge host of different products to use as a way to say THANK YOU to your customers or clients, and the point of custom lip balm is that everyone can need it! It’s a household item. It’s a MUST (especially during the winter, and sometimes the summer).

So you give your customer a win-win. It’s a free gift. It’s useful. And it’s got your name on it.

You tell ME if that doesn’t help your business stand out.

For more options on custom lip balm, click here and then contact us, so we can get you started right now!

SHOW, Don’t TELL, With Promotional Lip Balm from BRAVA Marketing

What’s the one thing you, as a business, should do when working with clients or customers? Provide excellent service…. Offer multiple solutions…. Dress for success…. No, there’s just one mandate when working with clients or customers: a simple thank you for your business will do. But don’t just say it. Do it. And you do it with branded gifts, such as promotional lip balm!

Think About It: Promotional Lip Balm Is Something Everyone Needs

And that’s not the only reason for offering promotional lip balm as a THANK YOU gift. You can check out some more insight right here; but first, let’s get into the WHY this is so important.

Clients and customers like to see something tangible in their hands. This goes in line with the fact that these days, often people have terrible memory. You can thank them for their business, but ultimately what they’re going to remember is the service you provided, the product you offered, and — even more important — your attitude!

And nothing says a great attitude like branded lip balm, or just about any logo screen-printed gift showing your appreciation for their patronage.

Just One of the Reasons Why This Is a Game Changer

In a number of ways, actually. The sky’s the limit with BRAVA Marketing, so the best thing you can do for your business is take a look at the possibilities. Stand out. Get creative. Develop SWAG bags (yes, with promotional lip balm in them). Make a statement. Crush the competition.

In that way, you make a lasting impression on the client/customer for the long haul, and they also remember that you mean business. You’re about relationship building. Not about the constant, dull and dry THANK YOU after every transaction, often heard at the grocery store or department store.

Remember: the problem with that mentality is that you’re not the average grocery store or department store.

You’re something much more.

For more options in promotional lip balm or branded products, check out some of our designs right here. Contact us today! And let’s get you branded the right way.