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3 Top BRAVA Marketing Products for Golfers and Country Clubs

Hey, BRAVA Marketing masters: welcome to the coming of Spring (sort of), and with every shedding of the ice, snow, sleet and flakes, we get the rain, blooms, and ragweed. Which is why many of us long for a time to balance all of that out and play some 18 holes at our favorite country club. Except for one thing: we need the best BRAVA Marketing products out there. Plain and simple. After all, this is the sport of golf. And golf means caddies, clubs, balls, tees, and other things you’ll need to make sure you’re good on your game.

Here’s the Top Three BRAVA Marketing Products You’ll Find

And believe it or not, you’ll have a wealth of options to choose from within those three product types. Yes, the clubs are a must. And you do have to wear right kind of clothes. But nothing beats having these three. For any professional golfer, they’re a must.

And, of course, you need a whole lot more. These, however, are ones you need specifically branded in whatever you like. They’re crucial to the game.  Yes, even the umbrella serves the best kind of purpose.

So Take Note of This and Contact BRAVA Marketing Right Now

That’s right: right here. You can peruse all the designs as well for any of our umbrellas, golf kits, and repair tools. BRAVA Marketing has them all. Everything you need to be the professional we know you are.

The One Thing Professional Golfers Need for Themselves: Branded Divot Repair Tools

Ask yourself if you’re a serious golfer. If you are, not just owning the best products is a must — but owning products with your name on it is a definite. The thing is any golfer won’t simply rent the stuff for an outing here or there. No, they buy the stuff — and then put their name on it. Which is why some of the essentials — such as branded divot repair tools — make for a great addition to your repertoire, covering all the bases at a golf outing.

In Short, You Don’t Just Need Your Own Clubs, or Your Own Caddie — You Need Those Branded Divot Repair Tools, Too

The ultimate job in labeling, too. You know they’re yours. No one else’s. Order them at BRAVA Marketing, and you’re set for any of those instances the divots need repairing. Have your caddy pull them out, and you don’t need to make a run at the country club’s lobby for some of their divot repair tools. No, you have your own! You’re set.

Being a golfer ultimately gets you that sense of ownership. Almost like owning your own fishing pole, or pool cues. This is the feel you want as a professional golfer. When you get to own your own equipment, you know you’ve made it. And now you can get all of it right at BRAVA Marketing.

You Simply Need to Check Us Out and See What Designs We Have

Find them right here. A large assortment of designs are available. When you’ve found the kind of branded divot repair tools you want, all you need to do is contact us with any questions you have. Competitive pricing, branded in your name (or whatever you like), and delivered directly to you!

Call me crazy, but that would be considered a “hole in one.”

The Untold Secret of Effective Golf Sponsorships: Divot Repair Tools (and Other Stuff)

Golfers really do get a bum rep when you think about it. Contrary to what many might believe, clubs and opens don’t pay professional golfers to show up. Rather, it’s the other way around! Your typical golf god like Tiger Woods has to fork over the money just to play in the U.S. Open. However, when you’re as popular as Tiger Woods, golf sponsorships do help out tremendously….

But What If You’re Not Tiger Woods? How Do You Nab Those Golf Sponsorships?

That’s right: you can have a business sponsor you for entrance fees, equipment, and othergolf sponsorships-1 stuff necessary to enter an open and compete, saving you money down the road. That’s how a professional golfer operates, actually. They’re very much like Nascar drivers. The thing is it does take a lot of work to get a business interested in sponsoring you and getting some marketing and advertising for it.

Have you seen those golfers wear all sorts of marketing? There’s a reason for that…. But what if you’re not that good? How do you sell yourself to a potential sponsor? First off…. You contact BRAVA Marketing!

Let’s explain. The thing is it does take a lot of an investment for a business to sponsor you, because for that business to get anything out of it, they need the marketing collateral. When people see you golf, and pictures are taken, a business wants to see their label and brand practically written all over you.

But for a lot of services out there, it’ll cost a few arms and legs to do that — unless BRAVA Marketing can help.

Pitch this to a potential sponsor, stating that you can provide the instant marketing for their brand, and you have a secret weapon. You may be good at the putt or the drive, but you’ll look even better when you tell a potential sponsor that they don’t even have to cough up any investment to sell their brand on you.

Believe Us: It’s Worth It. Check BRAVA Marketing Out Now.

In many cases, the value’s much more cost-effective. As a professional golfer, you want all your ducks in a row. Get hats. Get those custom divot repair tools. Show them off. Get your sponsor that free marketing and exposure. And let them reap the benefits. Check out our selections right now.

The only thing is this: you definitely have to work on your swing.

Why Giving Your Employee Golfers Custom Divot Repair Tools Will Improve Your Reputation

Talk to any golfer. Seriously. Go ahead and do it. You’ll realize that one of the most important items in a golfer’s bag are divot repair tools, an essential for green walking, putting, driving and cussing at the wind for blowing your ball into the sand trap. The thing is not many might even know that many golf country clubs will practically expect you to have some divot repair tools (or else they’ll just either sell you some, or give you some to use), and for good reason.

What Is a “Divot” Anyway? And Why Do You Need a Divot Repair Tool?

A “divot” is that break in the grass occurring after a golfer swings at the ball and cuts a custom divot repair tools-1portion of the green into a divot. You see it all the time when a golfer kicks up the dirt from driving a ball down the fairway. It causes the green to look, well, not green. Not fun. Plus it takes a real long time for the green to grow back like it should.

It’s not the golfer’s fault, obviously. The clubs are designed in such a way that when you swing and hit that ball, you’ll undoubtedly always catch some of the grass and cut it up. Believe it or not, though, there’s a way to replace it, and that’s where the divot repair tool comes in.

It takes a lot of work for any golf country club to maintain the greens of a course spanning miles and miles of ponds, sand, turf, and long grass. So it’s customary that a true golfer, a professional golfer, always repairs the divots with precision. The point of this is, if you and your colleagues or employees play golf as a way to take a load off of the workday, be a pal CEO and always give the best gifts for those golfers: custom divot repair tools!

A maniac golfer aficionado would appreciate that a bunch. And the best part? That custom divot repair tool has the business name right on it. Instant marketing. Instant reputation. The country club ends up loving not just you, but your business. And your employees will appreciate it.

So What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up RIGHT NOW.

BRAVA Marketing has it all for you. Simply check out our selections right here, and then contact us right away. Call it our way of teeing off and scoring an eagle on your behalf.