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Why a Restaurant Will Benefit From a Branded Beer Pitcher

We might be preaching to the choir on this one given the fact that just about everything you see in a restaurant’s branded. Even the bathrooms oftentimes are branded. But a branded beer pitcher? Why would that make such a difference. It’s simple:

Lots of Studies Actually Show That Alcohol Consumption Is One of the Biggest Revenue Producers for Restaurants

More and more customers tend to buy more and more food, staying much much longer when buying alcohol. It’s sort of like a domino effect, people. If you’re branding your beerbranded beer pitcher pitchers, you’re leaving a longer lasting impression on your customers purchasing their beer in bulk via the classic pitcher with your logo on it.

Statistically, you can only imagine: just how much would this potentially increase your daily revenue?? Shocking….

We jest a bit given the fact that a lot of this is hypothetical — but isn’t promotional marketing generally hypothetical already? You’re basing your strategy on ‘what-ifs’, banking on the marketability of your product and the eyes of the customer. It’s all about predictions and the worthwhile investment.

After all, those pitchers will be yours for LIFE. They don’t just ‘expire’ or anything. As far as promotional marketing is concerned, you’re purchasing the bulk branded beer pitchers for good reason, and the cost of them will be made up and then some well over time. And it’s worth it in the long run if you’re seeing a demographic that’ll stay longer in your restaurant and buy more product if you’re keeping the branded beer pitcher filled up!

Consider the Branded Beer Pitcher as Part of Your Promotional Marketing Agenda. Period.

BRAVA Marketing can definitely help you out with that in ways you can’t even count. We have a wealth of options in designs for you to choose from. Simply contact us! And let’s get your customers ridiculously happy with your brand!