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Why the Professional ENT Can Offer Someone With Swimmer’s Ear THIS

You’d be surprised at how many sad patients suffer from that calamity known as Swimmer’s Ear over the summer. And you, as an ENT, have the perfect solution — first, the treatment, then the prevention (which also doubles as a really cool promotional gift for stopping by!). That’s right: branded ear plugs!

It’s a Game Changer for an ENT Specifically Because of This:

Reputation is everything. And that’s especially the case when it comes to your patients. The thing is you’ll find many an ENT who will stress to not swim at all because of that ear infection. Frowns commence.ENT ear plugs

This is especially the case for workers in the field requiring the submerge — lifeguards, swimming instructors, Navy SEALs. You name it — any profession requiring the submerge in water fails miserably when succumbing to Swimmer’s Ear. The bane of all professionals and recreational enthusiasts of H2O.

No patient wants to hear that they can no longer swim until the infection’s cleared up; but oftentimes, just for safety reasons, an ENT has to bring it up. Sometimes even wagging the finger like dentists do when patients haven’t brushed their pearly whites in ages.

However, when you’ve branded yourself as someone who doesn’t only treat, but helps prevent, offering those FREE (and I emphasize again: FREE) branded ear plugs as a way to help prevent further damage to the canals in there, you’ll definitely have one happy patient on your hands!

You Know What That Means? Great Word of Mouth.

And for an ENT, or any doctor for that matter, word of mouth is everything. Reputation is everything. Allowing patients the ability to still live life, help prevent future infections, and successfully promote your practice? TRIPLE THREAT.

We urge you to take advantage of that TRIPLE THREAT. Check us out at BRAVA Marketing, contact us. Browse our selections. And get ready to not only save your ears, but your sanity when summer hits!

Why a Swimming Instructor Will Benefit From Branded Ear Plugs

You know it’s a hard job teaching anyone on how to do anything for a lengthy period of time: piano lessons, strength training, math (definitely)…and, of course, swimming. And that’s a profession that is of the most intense given the level of professionalism and safety precaution. Thankfully, you can expect to not see a whole lot of competition in the field. But just in case…. You have a winning gift to give for this market — on both the customer level, and employee level!

Word of Mouth Is HUGE When It Comes to Swimming Instruction, and Branded Ear Plugs Can Go a Long Way

Imagine at the end of an entire summer session giving out these really cool corded earplugs as a THANK YOU gift, branded with your label, reminding both student and branded ear plugsparent/guardian that you are the standard in swim instruction.  That’s the feeling, worth every penny, and ensuring your reputation carries on to the next class — and the next class.

In a nutshell, you ensure you keep your student base strong with the little steps you take in proving that you’re a professional. Moreover, let’s just say you have swim instructors as your employees, and you want to enhance their professional image as well. For longevity and a promotional brand gift that lasts, this spreads the reputation throughout your entire regime and never gets old.

Essentially Your Students Will See That Your Instructors Mean Business. Plain and Simple.

And when they mean business, they exude authority. They’ve got the brand on them. And a double whammy when at the end of the class, the students get the exact same gifts as a THANK YOU. A feeling of accomplishment. Pride. Loyalty. That’s branding at its best.

Who knew something as little and almost insignificant as branded ear plugs could make any bit of difference to your business? The fact is you’ll never know until you put yourself out there. So check us out at BRAVA Marketing. We have a variety of options of ear plugs to work with. Contact us today when you’ve decided to up that professionalism in your swim instructing game!