Increase Employee Morale with Corporate Awards from BRAVA Marketing Promotions

In the current economic climate, employee bonuses are often hard to come by for most businesses, but it’s still necessary to keep your workforce motivated and performing as necessary. From an employee perspective, there is nothing worse than working hard and not being recognized when going above and beyond your normal duties. People love to be recognized for their achievements; and not being recognized can be extremely detrimental to employee morale and affect overall company performance and profits. Oftentimes, lack of recognition, not lack of financial compensation, is a huge factor in employee dissatisfaction. There is no better way to increase employee performance than recognizing individuals for a job well done than providing some sort of employee recognition or corporate awards program that provides gifts or tokens of appreciation.  


Here are a few tips if you are thinking about setting up an employee recognition or corporate awards program:


·         Recognition should be linked to achievable accomplishments.

·         Apply attainable criteria consistently so that it is fair and achievable for all employees.

·         Awards should be based on superior performance in order to encourage employees to outperform.


A few benefits of using corporate awards to boost employee performance and morale are:


·         Strengthening relationships between employees and company management

·         Helping your employees to achieve their professional goals, and feel good about their contributions

·         Helping employees to perform better and help increase the productivity of your organization

We have business gifts that can fit within almost any marketing budget. BRAVA Marketing Promotions has an array of simple and specialized Corporate Awards, such as Custom Engraved Crystal Corporate Awards, Laser-Etched Crystal Recognition Awards, Desk Clocks, Desk Sets, Executive Pens, Pins, and Recognition Plaques.

Don’t just wait until the end of the year to recognize achievement you can provide small gifts on a monthly or quarterly basis, such as pins and or executive pens.


The most valuable asset for your company is your employees. Even if your budgets are constrained, you can still show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and dedication by recognizing their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly achievements. Taking simple steps to recognize employee achievement is one of the best ways to improve the productivity of your company and decrease staff turnover.


Contact BRAVA Marketing Promotions today if you are looking to set up or improve your employee recognition or corporate awards program.


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By: BRAVA Marketing Promotions