What Does the Color of a Safety Vest/High Vis Vest Mean?

Build a safe environment around your construction sites and warehouses with easily visible personal protective custom high vis vest. Being the best security equipment, these custom reflective vests are a great way to advertise your own brand through customization. Customization gives your brand a big boost by spreading the brand awareness one can customize many products as- custom high vis vest, monogram cooler bags and many more. These custom reflective vests come with many colors and have different properties. 

Let’s discover what color to choose as a custom reflective vest for a particular business. 

Choosing between Yellow or Orange custom high vis vest 

The color of a custom high vis vest, also known as a custom reflective vest, typically indicates the level of visibility it provides in different work environments. Here’s a general guide to the colors and their meanings:

  1. Orange: This is the most common color for custom high vis vest. It provides high visibility and is often used in construction, roadwork, and other outdoor environments.
  2. Yellow: Similar to orange, yellow vests offer high visibility and are commonly used in situations where workers need to be easily seen, such as in traffic control or around heavy machinery.
  3. Green: Green vests are often worn by emergency responders, such as paramedics or volunteer firefighters. They offer good visibility but may not be as bright as orange or yellow.
  4. Red: Red vests are typically worn by fire marshals or supervisors on a work site. They provide visibility but may not be as bright as orange or yellow vests.
  5. Blue: Blue vests are often worn by law enforcement officers or security personnel. They offer visibility but are not typically as bright as orange or yellow vests.
  6. White: White vests may be worn by workers in environments where high visibility is needed but where dirt and grime are less of a concern, such as warehouses or indoor construction sites.

These are general guidelines, and the specific color of a custom high vis vest may vary depending on the industry and workplace requirements. The key is to choose a color that provides adequate visibility for the specific working conditions.

Benefits of wearing colorful Safety Vest/High Vis Vest

Your employees gain several benefits when they have access to the proper custom high vis vest clothing for their job functions. Some of the more common benefits gained include:

  • Helps ensure your employees remain visible all the time: It is easier to see employees, especially when their regular clothing could easily blend into the background. For instance, a shipyard worker stands out among the numerous colored shipping containers.
  • Easier for drivers to see workers. In roadside construction or other areas where vehicle traffic is present, wearing the right custom reflective vest clothing helps reduce the risks of workers being injured by oncoming traffic.
  • Creates a safer working environment. Your employees will feel safer when they have access to custom high vis vest clothing and workwear. Increased safety can translate to increased productivity and better employee morale.
  • The likelihood of accidents is reduced. While accidents can still occur, those relating to workers not being seen are greatly reduced with high vis uniforms and vests.

Custom high vis vest is beneficial for both from the business point of view and for the worker, due to its incredible high visibility, protection against flame ability and customized pocket-friendly touch. 

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