Have a Drink on BRAVA Marketing!

After a long, hard work week, most people want nothing more than to come home on a Friday night, put their feet up, and crack open a nice bottle of wine. Or an ice-cold beer. Or whatever their drink of choice happens to be.

That being the case, why not capitalize on this relaxing, idyllic scenario by putting your name on a few of the items that are most likely to be close at hand? BRAVA Marketing can help you there!

Let’s start right at the heart of it – the wine. How about a nice bottle of merlot with your company’s logo etched right on the bottle? Or perhaps a nice cabernet sauvignon? Or a chardonnay? And for those company celebrations, you can’t beat a branded bottle of champagne. Whatever kind of wine or spirit your customers may prefer, we’ve got you covered.

Of course, they’ve got to get the wine out of the bottle to enjoy it, right? Not a problem with a logo-imprinted corkscrew and branded pourer. And once it’s time for the vino to flow, we have branded decanters, wine glasses that can bear your company’s logo, and wine chillers to keep things cool.

Now what about your beer drinkers? We’ve got them covered as well! One of the most popular and useful items to put your company information on is a bottle opener, and we’ve got every size, shape, and style you can imagine. And if you want to help keep the beer cold, how about putting your logo on an ice bucket? It’s a great idea if you own a bar or restaurant and want to promote drink specials!

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that since not everyone is a drinker, you need some non-alcoholic options. Not a problem. Put your corporate logo and information on a bottle of sparkling grape juice and you’re ready to go!

BRAVA Marketing Promotions can brand most any alcoholic beverage or accessory you can imagine, but we remind you to please drink responsibly. Contact us today to learn about all of the wine and spirit items we carry. Cheers!

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By: BRAVA Marketing Promotions