Get a Jump Start on Summer with Custom Branded Merchandise

Items that your clients can use in the summer make fantastic business gifts. Even though there’s still a little bit of winter ahead of us, giving your clients summer-related gifts branded with your logo is a great way to help them shake off the winter doldrums, look forward to the warm weather ahead, and remind them that you were the person who helped. Every time they look at that bottle of sunblock lotion imprinted with your logo, they’ll think of sunny days at the pool, lazy afternoons at the beach, and the creative company that provided them with such a great business gift.

Camping is a fun summer activity that many people enjoy. And it’s particularly popular right now because it’s a great activity for groups, organizations and families. Why not give your client a fleece blanket to ward off the chill once the blazing summer sun sets? A canteen to quench their thirst during long hikes is another fantastic piece of custom printed merchandise. Or you could present them with an umbrella to huddle under in case of an unexpected rain shower.

Nothing screams summer like a meal cooked on the grill. What if you presented your client with a grill imprinted with your logo? An indoor grill, an outdoor grill, or a portable grill that can be taken tailgating or on a camping trip would all be welcome business gifts. Make it a complete set and present a set of grill tools to go with it.

Give your client a summer business gift that says you care. Not only is sunblock a summer must-have, lip balm is, too. Or consider giving your client an ice pack to soothe any bumps or bruises that come with the hard playing that summer calls for.

There’s nothing like a summer picnic and for generations people have spread their blankets beneath a shady tree for a meal that would not be complete without the picnic basket to hold it. Another great business gift for the summer is a wine picnic basket that encourages your client to slow down, enjoy a glass of wine at sunset, and watch the fireflies come out.

Summer is a fantastic time to present your client with a business gift that invites them to enjoy everything the season has to offer. Contact BRAVA Marketing Promotions today and we’ll help you design a gift that will really impress your clients this season.      

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By: BRAVA Marketing Promotions