Inexpensive Promotional Giveaways Are Key in an Economic Downturn

The last few years have hit many companies hard, hardest on their budget for custom imprinted marketing products. The economic downturn has forced a lot of businesses into some unwanted belt tightening and made them make tough choices in their budgets. Often, the first line item to be slashed is advertising; however, experts say that this choice could not be more wrong. Companies that decide not to cut marketing expenses during a downturn end up grabbing more of the available market share than companies that do. That’s because companies that continue advertising become more visible to potential customers while the ones that stop advertising fade into the background. The key is to market your company in a more intelligent, streamlined, and less expensive way.

BRAVA Marketing Promotions offers plenty of promotional novelties that are easy on your budget, but still provide customers and potential customers with something useful to remember you by. We have an array of promotional giveaways that cost less than one dollar a piece. And these are certainly not throwaway items. Your clients and potential clients are sure to find them useful.

Summer is right around the corner. Why not make your client’s beach day a little brighter with an inflatable ball? You could also help your client light up the night with a glow stick printed with your logo. But before we can look to summer, we have to get through the tail end of cold and flu season. Consider showing your client you care about his health by giving him a custom printed bottle of hand sanitizer or a hand sanitizer spray pen. You could also give your clients a useful tool for the office. Try a highlighter, a pen, or a magnifying ruler. Every time your client uses one of these items, your company will cross her mind.

Companies struggling to stay above water can sometimes act without thinking and slash the part of the budget that attracts new business. Take advantage of these companies, but do it smartly, with imprinted promotional products from BRAVA Marketing Promotions that cost less than a dollar each.

BRAVA Marketing Promotions specializes in producing high quality promotional merchandise and unique custom printed products. These imprinted items are tailored to meet the specific promotional and marketing goals of large or small organizations and businesses. Contact us today for all your promotional product needs including personalized apparel, business accessories, trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, awards, and much more.

By: BRAVA Marketing Promotions