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Top Trends in Promotional Products for 2011

Brad Duarte – BRAVA Marketing Promotions

Happy New Year! Bring on 2011! The recession is over!  With optimism and confidence companies are implementing creative marketing strategies with exciting promotional products that engage and “wow!” their customers.  For a successful marketing campaign, promotional products must appeal to broadly diverse, multi generational customers. Think relevant, useful, fresh and hip.  The right promotional items play a vital role in conveying brand and message.  While traditional “swag” – pens, calendars, coffee mugs and T-shirts are always available, we’ve seen a definite trend with customers choosing more creative items.

Here are a few ideas and trends from our research and top customers.

Top 6 Trends:

1.    Tech gadgets and accessories. There is a continuing demand for iPod and mp3 players along with the growing need for their accessories.  To keep up with the gadget trend companies offer promotional products like protective iPod covers, recharging docks, armbands or lanyards to hold the gadget, or customized ear buds displaying brand name, logo and colors. 


2.    Green products. Eco-friendly products trends in recent years are exploding in popularity and demand. From biodegradable drink ware and plantable seed cards to umbrellas with bamboo handles and hemp materials for apparel items, going green is all the rage. As the general public embraces eco-friendly habits, sustainable items show support and the cool new technology these products posses.


3.    Apparel.  Shirts and tops continue to be the top selling wearable item with new styles, colors, fabrics and textures.  Jewel tones like deep purple, ruby red and sapphire blue, are THE hot new choice for men and women of all ages. Vintage/distressed fabrics are popular along with military / camo prints. Performance fabric, stretch blends in clean simple lines that won’t wick, show wrinkles and support the active lifestyle and comfort wearers want


4.    Multi-function items. Today, cell phones serve as mini laptops and cameras, a trend in promotional products is multi-use items. Pens with mini flashlights, lanyards and safety whistles. Padfolios with attached calculators and an assortment of useful multi-functional pocket size tools.  USB flash drives with light and laser pointers. Foldable, rubber rinsable waterproof hygienic keyboards are items trending hot.  Key rings are also flashlights, whistles, bottle openers, and pens.


5.    Kitchen gadgets and utensils.  A trend growing once again, kitchen products allow businesses to have their brand on useful everyday items. Beyond coffee mugs, rubber can openers, and refrigerator new hot items includes martini shakers, knives collections, and even plastic ice cubes. 


6.    Wine and accessories. Wine and wine culture trend increasing in younger and more diverse audiences. Wine novices and connoisseurs alike enjoy talking, tasting and sharing in wine as a favorite pastime. Getting into this trend with an appropriate promotional product from corkscrews and foil cutters to glasses and bottles of wine displaying a brand logo.   



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