Meeting Budget Slashed. Help with Promotional Gifts!

While every industry has been hit hard in this economy, businesses are still holding client meetings, trade shows and networking forums. The only difference is that the budget has been scaled way back.

For example, last year, you might have spent $10 per person on a promotion gift and now you’re only budgeted for $5. Or, a year ago, the budget only allowed $6 per person for that custom promotional gift, and now you have to find something for $3.50 per person.

Extravagant is OUT.

So while you’ve had to reign in the costs of your special event, you can still hand out quality promotional products to attendees, only now you will have to select them with greater care. And, don’t feel so bad about this. Right now, extravagant is “out” and practical items are “in”.

Think Value for the Price

You can find corporate promotional products in every price range. For example, looking for a custom imprinted travel mug? At BRAVA Marketing, we carry a wide selection of travel mugs, from a $1.50 plastic insulated and thermal mug, all the way up to the deluxe $26 insulated bottle and tumbler gift set.

Think Simple. Think Staying Power.

Don’t care for the inexpensive versions? As an alternative, select a custom imprinted gift in a category that starts at a lower cost point. How about giving out simple gifts such as imprinted pens and notepads, calendars, mouse pads, pencils, notebooks, post-it notes or organizers? The bonus is that these imprinted promotional items are always used and hang around for a LONG time.

Reflect Your Corporate Values

In the marketing promotions industry, we know one thing for sure – that when it comes to marketing your business now, you need to separate your brand from your competitors. So hold that industry meeting, stay within your budget and still hand out branded marketing giveaways. Just be sure your promotional items reflect your organization’s values.

BRAVA Marketing Promotions offers more than 400,000 unique custom imprinted promotional products to increase your corporate brand and marketing. Contact us at 877-239-1227 toll free for ideas on the best values in low cost promotional marketing items.

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