SAVE BIG on Promotional Gifts

By Brad Duarte, BRAVA Marketing Promotions

Your company can still stand out at industry meetings by the branded corporate promotional gifts you hand out. We at BRAVA Marketing have some great suggestions to SAVE BIG on your promotional products.

Plan Way Ahead

Take time to select the most appropriate promotional gift. At BRAVA Marketing, with more than 400,000 promotional items and gifts, you can find suitable promotional items in every category at every price point—from the lowest cost to the most expensively priced promotional giveaway. For example, imprinted golf umbrellas can range from $9.31 up to $44.09 apiece.

The More You Buy, the More You Save

Choose one corporate gift and give it away over and over again this year. Think of it, if your company has three major meetings, order the same item in quantity for all three and you will SAVE BIG. A good example is the “Two-Tone Portfolio w/Bottle Holder QBXBI-FPDSL” which is $1 cheaper per portfolio if you buy 500 instead of 48. Just make sure the promo product is appropriate to all three special events.

SAVE on Shipping Costs

These days, shipping costs are a huge add-on to your order. While we can always fulfill your rush order in time for your important event, you can shave significant costs from your budget by leaving more leeway in the schedule for ground and freight shipping.

Print Your Logo in One Color

Try printing the custom imprinted item in one color, instead of two. The fewer colors you use on custom branding, skims more savings off the total printing costs.

Grab a Partner

If you and another vendor are attending the same event and have complimentary products and services, suggest teaming up with them to hand out a more expensive promotional item. It’s like that old philosophy: two can live cheaper than one!

No matter what you spend and no matter how much you save, the personalized gift should always reinforce your brand and reflect your company’s image.

BRAVA Marketing Promotions specializes in producing high quality promotional merchandise and unique custom printed products. These imprinted items are tailored to meet the specific promotional and marketing goals of the Fortune 500, small businesses and organizations. It’s quick and easy to secure the custom imprinted products you need to be successful. We view ourselves as an extension of your marketing and procurement department with innovative designs and ideas that utilize our up-to-date product merchandise knowledge. Contact us today at or 877-239-1227 toll-free for ideas for promotional products.

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