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Mission Trip Custom Printed Badges: a Sense of Pride for Youth Worship

Youth worship and the spiritual institution that is the mission trip definitely bring with it that sense of accomplishment. Worthiness. Faith. Love. And just basically helping people out! What ultimately often gets lost is the sense that after the mission trip, those who were helped might not remember how important the helper was. Names get forgotten. Even the church behind the mission trip might actually get forgotten! This is why all those custom printed badges make all the difference, and since we’re talking about a potentially annual thing, it’s definitely worth the money to ensure that not only those being served know who’s helping them….

But That the Servants Feel That Much More Pride in Doing It!

Kids need to feel like they’ve accomplished something. Having those custom printed badges is almost like a rite of passage. They’re ambassadors. They’ve been chosen. Chosen to do something so good that they deserve to have the name of their church right on their chest along with their name.

Think about just how much pride a family would feel in that! You can’t beat the value that goes into a custom branded badge, heralding the name of a faith or church, and the representative behind it. That’s what mission trips really are all about when you think about it. Not just simply ‘helping’ people — but bringing a name (and obviously that name has a certain faith or ‘god’ behind it!) along with it, and letting everyone know that what you believe in right here (point to the badge) is why I do what I do.

Okay, so Dry Your Eyes — Wipe the Tears Off Those Custom Printed Badges

Tugs at our heartstrings, we know. So if a mission trip is on the books for your youth group, and you’ve raised so much money already to fund it, make sure you’ve got enough to check out BRAVA Marketing and order just enough of these custom printed badges for those willing to serve. They’ll be worth every penny. Find a design you like? Contact us!

Custom Badges: How a Business Card Sticks With You During a Trade Show

Normally we don’t think much for working with custom badges for good reason, especially in retail — “name tags” come and go, basically. With high turnover rates, you’re basically constantly churning out more purchases for bulk orders of custom badges with the names, and all it does is waste time. However, you can simply purchase custom badges with just the LOGO on it, get those sticker machines and slap on the names of your employees, calling it good.

But There’s an Even Better Way to Use Custom Badges: Trade Shows!

And conferences, too. The important thing to know about products at BRAVA Marketing is that you want to be able to use these promotional items over and over again. That represents value for your money, basically. If you have long-term professionals working a booth, chances are good custom badges end up going a long way for way better returns and ROI than simple retail.

A trade show offers massive returns in marketing, increase in customer flow, and much more. Those custom badges aren’t just “name tags.” They’re representations of you, your brand, and your presentation of that brand beyond a simple sale. It’s about relationship building. Like a business card! Only this “business card” sits on your shirt, and everyone can see it and recognize it. There’s a certain prestige behind that; and of course, the best part….

Those Custom Badges Can Be Used Over and Over Again….

Go all out with the creativity, too (and, of course, you want participants at a trade show to know who you are, so go ahead and print the tape if necessary) and make these custom badges so marketing oriented that it’s not just about a customer knowing who you are —

It’s about a customer knowing what your brand is, why your brand is important, and why that customer needs your brand right now.

So check out all the designs we have. Contact us when you find exactly what you’re looking for. And get ready for the next big trade show. Bring the booth, too, for sure.