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2 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness With a Cocktail Shaker(?)

It’s true! You can definitely make a statement with either a client, customer, or employee — just from one promotional gift. And that promotional gift can be, very easily, a cocktail shaker! Of all things….

The Fact Is Many Professionals and Millennials Do a Lot of Celebrating

And that celebrating can require cocktails. Wet bars. Liquor. You can imagine the look on your client’s face when they receive a promotional gift for doing business, and that gift happens to be a branded cocktail shaker.

The question, though, then remains: just how effective is a promotional cocktail shaker for marketing purposes? Plenty effective, actually.

For One Thing: Bars Benefit Tremendously With Just One Cocktail Shaker Sitting in the Drinks Displaycocktail shaker

And that’s all it takes. Customers see the brand on there. They’ll recognize. It’s basically free advertising, and you can learn more right here about the demographics and the fact that you have a guaranteed revenue booster that’ll last a lifetime for as long as you have those cocktail shakers.

The Bar Staff Also Benefits From Actually Using a Cocktail Shaker

There are several possibilities on how such a promotional gift can benefit an individual (or business). Sure, it’s fun (everyone loves to mix a drink, right?). But there’s so much more to it as you stand there by the bar, shaking the cocktail with a brand marketed right there. Check out more of the insight right now.

In a Nutshell, Though, One Thing’s for Sure

The branded cocktail shaker makes for a great gift anyway. For anyone. From anyone! The fun of it almost outpaces the actual value of it from a business perspective. Don’t discount just how cool it would be to have your very own cocktail shaker featuring any brand you want, and it would apply to just about any industry or market!

Come to think of it…. That’s probably the best benefit of a promotional cocktail shaker: versatility.

Learn more about BRAVA Marketing here, and as always you can contact us immediately. View some of the many options we have in cocktail shakers as well! And start mixin’.