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3 Creative Times to Market Custom Stress Relievers in Your Life

There’s always going to be one constant in your life: stress. Love it or hate it. It happens. That’s life. BRAVA Marketing accepts it. What we don’t accept is not having the tools to deal with it effectively. It makes sense, though, to get those squeezy custom stress relievers at the doctor’s office on occasion, but what about as gifts? That changes everything. And just in case you’ve noticed — we have quite the selection of custom stress relievers for you to purchase, but you’re probably asking yourself WHY?

Why Do I Want Any Custom Stress Relievers ANYWAY?

Heck, you could simply buy a rubber ducky and call it good. Squeeze that thing to death. The only thing is it squeaks, and sometimes you just want peace and quiet. Thankfully we have a list of three possibilities to market your business — or just have for your own personal use — with custom stress relievers, branded in your logo or name, and you’d be surprised at how it makes sense!

Check it out:

  • Therapy — You’d think that’s a no-brainer, but we’re honestly thinking that many therapists don’t even consider this incentive to great patient care. See for yourself.
  • Festivals — If you’re a vendor, one thing’s for sure: you want your customers to not only enjoy your product, but their time enjoying your product! Here’s why.
  • Weddings — Duh. Think about it. The bride. The groom. The best man. The FATHER OF THE BRIDE. Heck, even the wedding planner might need some stress relief! Read more here.

That alone is proof that you have tremendous value in purchasing even a few dozen of these really cool custom stress relievers. They are valuable, and not just for a once-in-a-while thing, right?

Definitely Contact Us at BRAVA Marketing Right Now

All you need to do is click right here. And we can get you started. Once you’re finished and you have all of your stress relievers, we assure you: you’ll be stress-free, too.

Why a Bridezilla Might Appreciate the Best Stress Reliever in History

We honestly wonder why this really hadn’t ever been thought of before. The possibilities are indeed endless. Give a free gift like a stress reliever. A branded one, in fact. And a bridezilla then turns into an angel of a wedding where a marriage evolves into something magical. Sure, it’s not as easy as it sounds, because we think weddings by default have to be stressful. But at least BRAVA Marketing can help out a little bit, right?

Wedding Planners, Wedding Party Gifts, Even the Groom — They All Can Benefit From a Really Good STRESS RELIEVER

Those squeezy things would be godsends. Especially for the Father of the Bride after spending all that money on a wedding just to make her daughter happy. Here’s the thing, though — you hire a videographer, a photographer, a limo driver, a caterer, a cake maker, a wedding planner, and a partridge in a pear tree to actually limit the amount of stress on your plate — and, yet, it somehow increases it instead.

Doesn’t say much for those vendors trying to make it as easy as possible for couples, right? As a wedding planner, though, you can hit the mark not just in ensuring everything goes as planned on the big night, but from the very beginning when you hand over that beautiful stress reliever to the bride and say these wonderful words:

“I’ll take care of everything for you…. And your wedding ceremony will be simply MAGICAL.”

And then watch the gleam in her eye…. That’s what she wants.

Consequently, when forcing your bridesmaids to do this and that as well, you want to make sure you’ve got their back and appreciate everything they do. So typically you give gifts to wedding parties, right? Throw in some stress relievers with the best possible design to make them CRY, CRY, CRY at how happy and proud they are that their best friend, you, the bride, is taking the next step and walking down the aisle.

You get the picture? Stress relief is essential when it comes to weddings. There’s no arguing against it.

So Do Yourself a Favor and Stock Up on a Few Stress Relievers for Business or Pleasure

Whether you’re a wedding planner, a bride, or just a VERY, VERY nervous groom (and maybe even the Best Man struggling to give the best possible speech during the reception), having a memorable stress reliever not only serves the purpose, but creates a fond memory.

Bawling, yet? You will. Simply contact us right now after checking out our many designs. Trust us: you’ll say I DO.

Therapists Need to Promote Morale and Trust With Their Patients

Obviously, right? Therapists clear and wide would nod their heads and roll their eyes like we’re preaching to the choir. What many might fail to realize is that while a personality or predisposition to be easy to talk to just might win over many a patient and keep them on the books for constant appointments, throwing in that little extra taste of both professionalism, service, and personality can’t hurt! That’s why BRAVA Marketing has the best selection of custom stress relievers you’ll ever see.

Why Are Stress Reliever Gifts so Great for Therapists to Give Out? It’s Simple:

Think about why patients see therapists, for one. They have a certain problem; and they need help rectifying it. In fact, it could be nerves, stress, duress, PTSD, what have you. Some issue that blocks their ability to function like normal citizens.

Generally speaking, a therapist’s job is to calm a patient down. Now it’s relatively easy to do that during a session. But what about when not in session?

Sure, we get it: you want your patients to keep coming back, obviously. But your patients also want to see IMPROVEMENTS! So give them every possible tool in the book while promoting you and your brand or office!

That’s right: give them a custom stress reliever with either your name, brand, or office printed on it.

It Undoubtedly Will Leave a Lasting Impression, Improving Feedback and Ultimately Even Lead to More Referrals

That’s the ultimate goal of many therapists. Referrals, referrals, referrals. Word of mouth. If you do a good job and offer plenty of perks, word will spread. And you’ll be the talk of the town. All because you gave that free gift of a custom stress reliever to your latest patient!

Who would’ve thought….

So what are you waiting for? Contact us right now. Check out some of the designs we have. Take two crazy pills and call me in the morning.

The 3 C’s of Custom Stress Reliever Promotional Gifts You HAVE to Try Out

At BRAVA Marketing, we pride ourselves in promoting creative ideas for some of the most branded gifts typical of any industry. You’ve got your normal ones, like the everyday branded pen, and even some bigger type gifts like tool kits and electronics. But we really shouldn’t forget the “little guys” of the playing field — like those fun-loving custom stress reliever gifts you’d often get at doctor offices, right?

But the Doctor’s Office May Be a Total Given — We Want to Expand and Be Creative With How We Use a Custom Stress Reliever as Part of Promotional Marketing

So what can you do? How can there be more value? Is the product of a custom stress reliever only good for doctors? WE SAY NAY. This list of industries might give you some great ideas about how you can check us out at BRAVA Marketing for a bulk order of stress relievers to boost your marketing strategy.

Check it out:

Have You Thought About Colleges? — Organizations, faculty, administration, enrollment. What if they gave away a custom stress reliever to every student? Here’s why that’s an awesome idea.

Or What About Conventions? — The lifestyle of the convention or trade show really hasn’t died down at all, but here’s why even the smallest gift in a custom stress reliever might be the best gift to give a participant.

And Lastly…. PUBLIC SPEAKERS — A big one, really. And one no custom stress reliever could solve for even the most nervous speaker. Read this to learn more.

And that’s just three possibilities! You better believe that there are even more ideas out there to promote your brand with something as simple as a custom stress reliever.

Just More Proof That BRAVA Marketing Products Do the Job for Your Brand

So go ahead and check out our designs right now. Find a version you like? Good. Just contact us to get your purchase order finalized. You could be any of these 3 C’s. But the fourth C is this: completion.