Stimulus Package Fails to Impact Organizations Marketing Programs. Has All This Money Increased Your Marketing Budget Yet?

By Brad Duarte, BRAVA Marketing Promotions

For most businesses the answer is no.  Sales and Marketing budgets are projected to still be under a lot of pressure for 2010.  In general ad revenues have not rebounded.  Even some of the larger corporations have cut back – no Super Bowl Pepsi commercials this year.  So what can you do to still motivate your staff, existing customers and generate new prospects?

One of the most proven methods is the strategic use of custom imprinted products.  Branded or Logo printed items handed out at the right time can have a dramatic effect on sales, contributions and good will.  For 2010 there are many new promotional products that are both cost effective and impactful.  

The big PPAI trade show was just held in Las Vegas where hundreds of new custom printed products were introduced.  This year creativity is off the charts as new items in just about all categories strive to be unique, progressive, useful yet economical and offering a high perceived value.  Remember a little something is better than nothing at all.  This year there are lots of new custom imprinted products in every budget range that your organization can use to help achieve your goals and objectives.

What’s New at BRAVA Marketing Promotions:


BRAVA Marketing Promotions offers more than 400,000 unique custom imprinted promotional products to increase your organizations brand and marketing impact. Contact us at 877-239-1227 toll free for ideas on the best values in results oriented promotional marketing items.

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