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Top Independent Contractor Businesses Benefiting From Custom Clipboards

You’re looking at all kinds of independent contractors utilizing the ever-popular and timeless “clipboard.” It’s professional. It’s sleek. It’s simple. It allows the independent contractor the ability to stay mobile and collect information all at the same time, but here’s the thing: there’s a lot of competition out there. So what sets you, the independent contractor, apart from the rest of the pack is the brand name.

You Place It on Your Custom Clipboard. Any Independent Contractor Will Benefit Business By Branding.

And these types of independent contractors probably will benefit the most:custom clipboards-3

  • Painters
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Interior Decorators

You name it…. Even lawyers! Professionals don’t realize that when customers see you outside a brick-and-mortar store, they need to see something identifiable. Why not identify with them on something you always carry around? A custom, branded, printed clipboard. That’s the game changer.

They’re Constantly Reusable, Too

Once you purchase in bulk any amount of custom clipboards to use while doing your business, you can then use them over and over again. It’s an immediate investment that’ll last the lifetime of your business. BRAVA Marketing totally agrees.

This is why it’s crucial that you check all the designs we have for promotional clipboards, and see what fits your style. You could be any other independent contractor out there — and chances are, you’ll need that clipboard anyway for the work you do.

  1. Processing Orders in Person
  2. Communicating Effectively With Customers
  3. Filing Information Appropriately

Organization. Professionalism. That clipboard just about solves every issue you might have if you didn’t have one to help you just write ‘stuff’ down!

So Do Yourself a Favor:

Contact us at BRAVA Marketing and get started. You’ll learn of many other ways to utilize custom clipboards, too, right here. In fact, grab your own clipboard and go ahead and take notes! Talk about some real effective business practices you have….

The Best Kind of Plumber Plans With Promotional Custom Tools

Anyone can use a wrench. Or a snake (not a real one). You all know what a ‘snake’ is. It’s that tool you use to unclog a toilet. Yeah, that thing. While it’s an easy fix for you to just call any plumber out there, the fact remains — handyman services are a big draw for all neighborhoods, and if you’re skilled in that trade, better be prepared and plan for tools on the promotional and custom side.

In Other Words: We’d Trust a Plumber With a Brand Name on His/Her Wrenchplumber tools

That’s marketing 101 when you think about it. Issues happen all the time in a house, and a homeowner wants to know that a professional’s available for the worst that could possibly happen. But once that homeowner calls a plumber for the first time, you need to make a name — nay, a brand — stick.

Once it sticks, chances are pretty good that homeowner will call that same plumber again! And that’s the key to repeat business. This is why promotional tools tend to be a driving force in lead generation, word-of-mouth advertising, and business. A plumber wearing a branded tool belt will make a tremendous impression on a homeowner. Customers trust a brand a lot more than just someone handy with the tools.

Consider Promotional Tool Kits From BRAVA Marketing

And utilize your skills with a wrench, or a hammer, or a tape measure. This could easily apply to electricians, contractors, you name it: reputation is key. You should know this given the obvious bad rep some roofers and builders get when they don’t deliver the goods like they should. Get past the stigma and get the promotional marketing down. Because you are a real professional.

Visit BRAVA Marketing right now and contact us for more information about how we can help with your promotional marketing needs. You can even find a list of tools we already support, and whatever brand you want us to implement, just let us know! A full list of other tool kits exists right here as well as some other ideas for tool kits on the custom branded side.

Now fix that leaky faucet.