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The Cubs Are in the World Series! Better Get That Ice Bucket for Your Party.

We’re speaking, of course, to the Cubs themselves who without a doubt are looking at a veritable miracle here of mammoth proportions. Let’s break it down for you: this is a baseball team without a Pennant win since 1908. For those a little slack on the math, that’s more than a decade of coming short and facing the stigma of a crappy team even though Wrigley Field holds the honor and nostalgia of something baseball’s known for: peanuts, crackerjacks, and Babe Ruth. Face it: the Cubs represent the ideal…. And for all of those years, they just couldn’t hit it out of the ballpark! Until now…. Grab the ice buckets, man.

Nothing Says Celebration Like Ice Buckets With the Cubs ice bucketCubs Brand Logo on It

And not just for the ball club. But anyone. Businesses. Sports clubs. Fraternities. You name it. With that ice bucket, you’re letting everyone know you’re a part of the miracle. We’re, of course, speaking to Chicago hopefuls biting their fingernails especially after watching the latest game at Wrigley and seeing the Cubs commit magic unlike anyone has ever seen. Have you ever seen a crowd go absolutely nuts like that at a baseball stadium before? I didn’t think so.

That’s branding for you: an ice bucket with something that speaks to your dedication to the sports team you adore. Heck, even if you’re a Wolverines fan for college football, and you’re a fraternity there at U of M, getting your own hefty ice buckets in the yellow and blue to celebrate the win against Spartans just makes gold and memories. Unfortunately, you can’t get the actual logos to your teams printed onto your ice buckets — but you can pay homage to them in creative ways, and we can help with that!

There’s Massive Value to This When You Think About It

Think of man caves, too. Primo stuff to have in the pad, branded big time and reminding everyone that you’re a fan. You’re dedicated. You’re a part of the team. It’s been a huge year for sports and will continue to be especially when such miracles occur, because don’t forget: this World series features two hopefuls, two Cinderella stories. The Indians and the Cubs. That right there makes for a great night of watching baseball, drinking beer, and glancing at the branded ice bucket to see if there’s anything more.

That’s creative. That’s innovative. But also useful. I’d venture to say that it very well may be a life-saver in a dire situation (especially during the summer). You can learn more about how to use your ice bucket right here, too!

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The Latest News: Your Ice Bucket Might Look Great With Flowers In It

We’re sure your jaw’s just dropped on the floor, aghast with the horror of the recommendation that you actually stick some daisies in your promotional ice bucket and call it good. Far from it: after all, your typical ice bucket will look a little weird (the plants will look weirder) with the foliage poking out of it. We understand. But stick with us on this:

There Are Numerous Different Kinds of Ice Buckets Out There: You Just Need the Right Kindbranded ice bucket

That’s the key. Your branded ice bucket for your flower shop doesn’t have to be a plain Jane single-use item you received from your CEO as a Christmas gift. If you’re going to promote your brand with your product, promote it with your displays of your product as well!

First off, you need a crystal ice bucket (yes, those kinds do exist). Go for that style, and you’re in for not only a functional ice bucket, but a decorative one. Pour some colored or clear glass marbles and even pebbles, stick some arranged artificial decorations, and you’ve got yourself an art-deco style type conversation piece pitching customers on your brand and maybe upselling them on not just the flowers, but the ice buckets to go with it.

That’s Your Ice Bucket — Except It’s Not an Ice Bucket Anymore

You can learn about more uses for your ice bucket right here. Who would’ve known that you’ve got such a useful product? The sky’s the limit with BRAVA Marketing, and now you’ve got the goods with these ideas to make not only your business thrive, but your recipients thrive with the best way to market you, and benefit them in so many different ways.

And you did it all with just an ice bucket! Aren’t you glad you’re reading this blog? We’re glad, too.

BRAVA Marketing Promotions specializes in producing high-quality promotional merchandise and unique custom printed products. Check out all our branded ice buckets right here.

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