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Tap Into Uncharted Territory With Professional…. GARDENING TOOLS?

The babysitting trend is all over. Seriously. And here is an opportunity for literally all ages! BRAVA Marketing approves greatly. And if you’re living in a neighborhood ripe for business leads, and your kid loves to make his or her own money, why not teach that kid the ins and outs of lead and service generation through promotional marketing?? With…. Gardening tools? Who knew that would be a game changer, right?

That’s Right: You Can Actually Use Promotional Gardening Tools and Make a Business Out of Itgardener tools

When you think about it, lots of homes out there are in need of gardening. The demographic’s pretty ripe. These promotional products for a gardener don’t have to just be gifts. You can leverage a brand, whatever brand you want, screen-print it on your shovels, rakes, tillers, or whatever else you may need. Gardening tools are typically generic, but they don’t have to be —

Because with a brand, you or your kid can make a load of revenue just from helping the neighborhood out. And it doesn’t even have to be a great cost either.

Gardening gloves, tote bags, aprons, tool belts. You name it.

You Can Find a List of Those Promotional Gardening Tools….

Right here, actually. Other promotional tool kits can be found by clicking this link as well, plus other ideas for tool kits that could best leverage logos and promotional marketing for whatever business you’re in. Heck, this is golden for landscaping companies and contractors, too. Just to give you an idea of the scope of this, we need to reiterate on this — even your kid can do this!

Check us out at BRAVA Marketing for even more ideas. Contact us today and get started with whatever promotions you want to launch. And remember: the soil’s rich right here.