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Hosting a Company Party With Custom Bottle Openers

There’s no denying it: employee morale is crucial to the success of any business. You want to retain your workforce? Make them excited. You want to make them excited? Be something more than just a business and make it more of a family brand affair where your employees see that you love to have fun! Have a company party! Make it about Christmas. Or New Year’s. Or wherever and whatever —

But the Undeniable Benefit of Having Custom Bottle Openers Is That They Can Be Used Multiple Times

For multiple parties. Multiple years. And you can see that the ultimate goal is to make it so your employees talk to all their friends and say you, as a boss, are the cream of the crop. Employees love you. Because your parties have an open bar.

Your bar, whatever it may be, will have these custom bottle openers reminding all your employees that their ability to unwind, chill and enjoy a night for free is all on you — which makes you the best company to work with in the entire universe.

You don’t need a lot of them either. Three or four — maybe five — is fine. Keep them stocked. Of course, they’re branded. Beautiful. And your parties will be the hit of the night. You instill devotion, pride, and true loyalty. That’s worth the cost of a few custom bottle openers.

So What Are You Waiting For? Those Beer Bottles Need Opening.

Just contact us at BRAVA Marketing. Don’t wait. You can view all the designs we have right now and see which ones may suit your fancy. Take your pick, make an order or two, and your business has grown. Pop open a few bottles, celebrate your year-end close-out with some bonuses due to heavy profits from your business and call it a night.