Good Will Hunting – For Prospects

 Brad Duarte – BRAVA Marketing Promotions

Anyone you meet can become a new customer or refer on to you.  Make sure everyone knows what you do, what your company sells or what your organization is about.  The last thing you want to hear is “we just awarded the contract to ABC Company, I didn’t know you did that!”  You are better off with comment s like “yea yea we know you sell X”.  You may be surprised how many of your friends don’t know what you do or what your organization does.

A business card is good, a logo item leave-behind is better.  Sure give everyone your card but also give them something they will remember and keep around.  A simple pen with your logo,  a custom printed product with your phone and web address will be around long after the business card goes into the circular file.  Not all promotional products are expensive.  There are lots of memorable items that can fit any budget.  Do you work for an IT, Computer or Software Company?  There are lots of computer related items that will get noticed and stay on the desk for a long time.  Make sure everyone you know has one.  Work in the food industry?  There is virtually a squeeze toy for every type of food possible.  They are fun, memorable and hard to toss out. 

So the next time someone ask you what you do hand them your unique printed item with your information and logo printed on it.  Yes you can give them a business card too.  It is proven the promotional item stay around for a wild, are really remembered and will be asked about long after your card is missed filed!

BRAVA Marketing Promotions offers more than 400,000 unique custom imprinted promotional products to increase your organizations brand and marketing impact. Contact us at 877-239-1227 toll free for ideas on the best values in results oriented promotional marketing items.

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