Even Though Festivals Are Fun, They Can Be Stressful, Which Is Why….

You have to make sure you’re providing as much flexibility at festivals. Think about it. When was the last time you felt at ease at New Year’s out in the middle of downtown, or even in Times Square NYC. Tons of people. Lots of craziness. You might even see a lot of the cold and the sting of the air causing people to get a little crazy. So here’s a little tip from BRAVA Marketing

As a Vendor, Offer Free Stress Relievers as Gifts! GENIUS!

It gives your participants something to do. They can cope with the crowd control and craziness. They can still enjoy your brand since you’re a vendor taking advantage of the massive traffic. And you’re ensuring they still enjoy the festivals like they should.

Don’t get us wrong, though — festivals are fun. But they can also be competitive. Remember: there would be multiple vendors at a festival, and your job as a brand is to stand out. Many don’t think that while you sell a great product, whatever it is you sell, you also need to be a greater brand than many of the others for you to continue being at the top of your game.

Focus on promotional gifts, marketing incentives that’ll leave a lasting impression on a potential lead. And nothing beats a good stress reliever.

It Certainly Makes Festivals a Key Lead Generator, Arguably Even Better Than Having a Brick-and-Mortar Store

So what are you waiting for? Check out the specific designs we have right here. When you find a particular style of stress reliever, simply contact us right now to get started with your bulk purchase. Your next festival will be a sell-out, for sure. Just always remember to stock up on everything you need during the day, because your customer flow will be INSANE.