How Your Local Zoo Can Spread the Word With a Custom Picnic Basket

Hey, Boo-Boo…. There’s that picnic basket. Even better: it’s a custom picnic basket! You’d think that it’s the lost Ark of the Covenant or something. Tremendous treasure hidden inside. A lot of animals aside from your typical hat-wearing bear would love to get paws on it, which is why your local zoo could really push for the marketing as far as school trips and even family get-togethers are concerned.

Who Doesn’t Love a Great Picnic at the Zoo?

It’s almost like the combo concept was divinely constructed by some summer deity of awesomeness. Think of what a custom picnic basket, branded with a logo, can do for revenue, interest, more guests, for a zoo. A lot.

You could even expand this to go above and beyond zoos and have wildlife sanctuaries push for that kind of marketing. Campsites. Parks. The sky’s the limit. The thing about picnics is that they can go on and on and on, and when you’re an avid camper, that picnic basket is your lifeline. Everything you need as far as nourishment exists in there.

It makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint, plus they even work quite well for those employees of yours who happen to enjoy the great outdoors. Worth every penny when those customers keep coming back — practically make up the investment and then some.

You’re Asking About Where You Can Purchase a Custom Picnic Basket Design….

You happen to be on the exact site where you can browse selections. Right here at BRAVA Marketing. Who knew, right? The great thing about selections is that there’s a plethora of different kinds of picnic baskets out there, so you’re free to find the one that fits the theme you’re going for.

If you’re a zoo, find one that can be more of a family or school outing themed zoo-style basket. If you’re more of the wildlife camper, look for the sturdier, heartier ones. Then contact us!

Just watch out for that bear. And hide the honey.