Budgeting for Promotional Giveaways

Although all customers should be treated in the same in terms of respect and service level, it is undeniable that different customers are of different value to a company. Keep this in mind when searching for the right promotional giveaways for your company. To stretch your marketing dollars, you might want to divide your customers into three different tiers. Those at the top tier get something a little more special, like a nice penset, and those in the second tier might get something like a usefulbackpack. Those in the third tier shouldn’t be forgotten because if you want to show your gratitude or stay in your customers’ minds, giving something is always better than giving nothing. Rather than choosing something for this tier and deciding if you can afford it, choose a price point for your imprinted promotional items, and then let BRAVA help you choose something appropriate that fits within your budget. Another tactic you can try is to choose the same promotional novelties for all of your customers, but order something special for your top five or top 10 clients.

When thinking about your budget for promotional giveaways, remember that cost and value are not the same thing. A very expensive item might be useless for your customer. On the opposite side, something that does not cost very much might be very valuable from your client’s point of view. Thinking about what your promotional giveaway will mean to your clients rather than how much it costs is a powerful shift in thought.

As you’re thinking about your plan for your company’s imprinted promotional items, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Ask yourself what you hope your giveaways will do. Are you trying to thank your clients or do something special for your largest clients? Do you want to promote your brand at a tradeshow? Do you want to gain new customers or thank the ones you have? Perhaps your custom printed merchandise plans have nothing to do with clients at all and you’re using them to thankormotivateyourteam. If you have answers to these questions before trying to choose which imprinted promotional items to order, the process will be a lot simpler. And as always, you can contactus if you need help with your decision.

BRAVA Marketing Promotions specializes in producing high quality promotional merchandise and unique custom printed products. These imprinted items are tailored to meet the specific promotional and marketing goals of large or small organizations and businesses. Contactustoday for all your promotional product needs including personalized apparel, business accessories, trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, awards, and much more.

By: BRAVAMarketingPromotions