Why Branded Sun Block Lotion Will Benefit Outdoor Water Park Establishments

We’re willing to bet a lot of places miss out on this one. The normal route of merchandising at the gift store of your water park hotel with an outdoor feature and swimming pool might only be concerned with more practical every-day items like shirts, hats, and toys. We’re willing to bet on that: go to any one of those gift stores at a Great Wolf Lodge, or any of the hotels in Las Vegas. Nine times out of ten, you’ll see those types of merchandise. But branded sun block lotion? That’s an untapped product right there!

The Thing Is You Don’t See Branded Sun Block Lotion, Usually — You See Other Brands of Sun Block Lotion

And you can’t blame water parks or hotels for doing that. Those other brands like Coppertone and Hawaiian Tropic definitely have earned their reputation. Can you imagine, though, just how much reputation you’d build for the products people really care for in your water park or hotel featuring an outdoor pool or water park — when you merchandise and sell your own brand of sun block lotion?

The idea’s pretty staggering. Chances are good some establishments already do it. You buy in bulk branded sun block lotion in your company name, you sell it on mark-up and make a ton of profit, because that’s a product people will use immediately.

After all…. Why are they there in your water park? To swim. And keep their skin protected. You’ve instantly improved your merchandising marketing strategy with a way to promote completely in line with your industry. It’s pretty clear.

That’s Why You Have to Contact Us at BRAVA Marketing

You can look at our site right now. Check out our designs. When you find a type of branded sun block lotion you want to imprint your business name on, the rest is simple. Contact us. Make a purchase. And brand exactly what your customers want to see while they’re enjoying the fun in the sun!