How to Be a Branded Bartender With Cocktail Shakers

We all want to be the snazzy, cool branded bartender at the hip bar shaking drinks and dancing to the music while the crowd loves you. Just remember — Tom Cruise did it. Why not you? As a business owner, you cater to yourself as a brand. Maybe you don’t actually own the bar you tend, but you certainly own your technique, and guess what:

Those Customers Are Watching You

You are a performer. You’re a showman. You are the reason why people come to the bar — to see you make and give the drinks. Because you’ve developed your own personal brand of awesomeness at the bar you happen to tend, it would make sense to consider perhaps branded bartendergetting your own line of cocktail shakers with your name on it.

What does that do? It leaves a lasting impression on your customers — that’s what it does. Not only are you promoting the success of the bar or nightclub, but you’re promoting the success of you as a valued employee, contractor, and actual celebrity of the nightlife!

What happens when you throw around those shakers, cups and glasses, performing for the crowds? They watch you. They see you doing that with cocktail shakers that actually have your name — or your brand — on it. You, of course, have to make sure it’s kosher with the bar or nightclub you’re working in, to use a cocktail shaker that isn’t solely branded with the business itself, but all in all, if you get the people in the doors for your martinis, chances are pretty good the owner(s) would practically encourage you to use your own stuff.

It saves them revenue. Think about it.

If You Like the Idea of Being an Awesome Branded Bartender, Consider This:

BRAVA Marketing has the options for you. Simply contact us right now, and we can get you started. You can browse all sorts of styles right here. Once you’re done, though, you can say EAT YOUR HEART OUT to Tom Cruise and become the next mixologist to the stars, flipping drinks and taking all the tips you want.