Why Bars Can Make a SERIOUS Killing With Custom Branded Noise Makers

If there’s ever a day in a year that night clubs, restaurants, and bars break massive bank in a big way…it’s New Years. Hands down. Ask anyone. If they have the chance — and the money to throw around — New Year’s Eve is like a noise orgy for bars. So it makes sense that you play it up and make your brand that much more recognizable.

Bars Are the Hangout Spots. Friends and Family Gather. Memories Are Made.

Why not brand-recognize and offer something to those customers on the coolest night ofcustom branded noise makers the year? Makes sense to us.

People remember the ambience and the offering of a space dedicated to bringing in the party scene. Drinks are clean and quick. Food’s great. The atmosphere is  dazzling.

And when you play up the night for what it is — a sweet New Year’s Eve party! — with goodie bags — which, yes, will have some really great custom branded noise makers — and you’re guaranteed a night of money-making bliss. What you need to do is purchase in bulk as many as perhaps your capacity — could be 50, could be 500, who knows. Get your brand on those noise makers.

Pass them out literally an hour before the big countdown. Watch them order more drinks and party like it’s 1999. We’re willing to bet you’ll make up all that investment and then some EACH YEAR. Sounds good, right?

The Creativity of Custom Branded Noise Makers Can Offer a Lot for the Party-Centric Situation

And without a doubt, bars are the hidden gem. Night clubs, too. Restaurants as well. So what are you waiting for? You may be a restaurant owner, and you’re looking for another angle to draw more of your customer base in. Here at BRAVA Marketing, we have all you need. Explore all the different designs and products we have right here. Find anything? Contact us!

And let’s celebrate your new year right!