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Why the Idea of the Frisbee May Make a Great SPORTS Gift

Sure, throwing a frisbee makes for a great sport, right? Well, a recreation…. But have you ever heard of the sensation ULTIMATE FRISBEE? Try it. Google it. We assure you: it’s a craze in summer so hot that you didn’t know what you missed. And that’s precisely why an organization could reap massive marketing benefits from branding frisbees with their name. Here’s why:

Think of the Summer Olympics, for One: Imagine a Frisbee Branded With Your Country’s Name….

Yahtzee. Let’s say you’re a coach or a trainer for an Ultimate Frisbee team, and you may have an in with offering the Olympics a set of branded frisbees to use. Instant marketing, promotion, and a major increase in visibility.frisbee-1

You heard correctly — the Olympics actually has already recognized the sport (yes, we can call it that) as an official event. Ultimate Frisbee. It’s come a long way since the 1970s when it was just a counter-culture phenomenon between families chilling at the park or beach. But the Olympics now? That opens up a whole new foray of possibilities.

Your country can participate in the Olympics now — with a frisbee. And a team, of course.

That’s Not All, Though: Think Schools, Think Professional Sports

Tournaments, teams, you name it: Ultimate Frisbee has it. There’s even an international body governing the rules and the process of Ultimate Frisbee.

So think of your school. Maybe you’re the principal. You have a student body interested in competing in Ultimate Frisbee. You definitely would want to invest in your team and take stock on branded frisbees that’ll arguably last a lifetime (remember, those discs are super-nicely made!).

The Sky’s the Limit

Fitting to say that since a frisbee can hit the sky like nothing else. Talk about branding potential…. Want to learn more at BRAVA Marketing? You can click here to see some of the designs we have that you can brand with your school name or Olympics team. Contact us right away to get started!