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Uses and Features of Promotional Cooler Bags

Promotional products come in various types and use these days. Various marketers and business owners with different budgets choose promotional products based on compelling factors. Yet it is possible to identify some of the best-selling promotional products in the market.

Promotional cooler bags are some of the most popular and high-selling promotional products out there. They are advertising tools that deliver impressive results.

Cooler Bags

What are cooling bags?

They are types of bags or boxes that are so designed to maintain interior temperature and keep food and beverages fresh and safe. Their main feature is their quality of insulation. Thanks to thermo-regulation, you can even safely store ice bags in them. Thus, these bags help in storing and transporting food items by keeping them hot or cool, or fresh.

When you plan a day out like a road trip or a picnic, or any activity that demands a long time of travel, one of your main concerns is that the food you are carrying may get spoiled. For instance, on a sunny day, you will not like a beverage that is not cool and is warm. Another scenario is when the food gets spoiled due to the temperature.

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Such worries may rob your outing of peace of mind. But thankfully, there is a solution-that of cooler bags. The latter keeps food hot or cold and fresh. Thanks to the popularity and utility of cooler bags, they have become hot promotional products. As such, for companies, they are great gifts for customers, clients, and employees.

Thus, these custom insulated bags are great for branding and marketing campaigns. They can be distributed as freebies or corporate gifts. They are highly effective in generating brand recall and awareness.

How to select?

Because of the hundreds of choices of cooler bags, it is tough to select the best items for your promotional campaign. But the following features can help you decide on the right ones:
Promotional Cooler Bags

  • Convenience

The main purpose of cooler banks is to keep beverages and food safe for a long time. They must be, above all, convenient to carry. Since they are used for travel purposes, convenience is a major factor.

  • Food friendly design

Design that is food-friendly will help to protect food for a long time. Additionally, it will be easy to clean, and one can avoid the accumulation of bacteria or other microbes in the long run. Food will be kept healthy and hygienic. This will promote constant use of the promotional product and thus help you gain much exposure for the company.

  • Easy to handle

A good cooler bag will be easy to handle and so light enough as to be carried often and for even long trips. It may be carried by even kids. As such, the more persons carrying promotional cooler bags, the more will be their marketing value.

  • Spacious

Lots of space increases the utility of cooler bags. They will be useful for carrying more items over long distances. Thus, they are very useful as promotional products with much use and exposure.

  • Durability

A great cooler bag is one that lasts for a long time. Additionally, its design must ensure that it can endure rough handling. Also, the bag interior should be leak-proof. If one is investing in such a durable product, it will have a long time shelf-life which is a benefit that cannot be gained from other expensive and short-lived promotional products.

In sum, these are the main aspects with regard to the uses of cooler bags as promotional products and some of their essential features that can help in choosing the right kind.

Catering Businesses Break the Mold With Custom Printed Cooler Bags

Talk about a double whammy of marketing genius when you think about: you’ve got your employees carrying these custom printed cooler bags to service events when catering for weddings, bar mitzvahs…. And then you’ve got customers enjoying the security and safety of a cooler bag for something they’ve purchased.

The Value of Custom Printed Cooler Bags Is Clear

When you think about it, it makes sense — most products are just delivered or given on site custom printed cooler bagswith paper bags, plastic bags, or other canvas bags that arguably can’t be reused for much other than carrying other stuff. But cooler bags? Instant reusable value. And it promotes your brand.

Imagine what a customer thinks when receiving their purchases for catering in a custom printed cooler bag — that’s value, that’s consideration. It shows that you care.

Likewise, let’s say you have waitstaff for events. Not only would they be dressed to the hilt, but they’ll bring the goods in the very best merchandise designed to safeguard the product excellence and keep everything well preserved.

Customers see this, you know? And they get the impression that you don’t miss a dime or a beat when it comes to catering. It’s that extra push, the extra mile, the going farther than the competition. We’re willing to bet you get the attention of the bride and groom as salads and other perishables get carried by the very best custom printed cooler bags with your brand name written on them.

There’s no losing even one piece of perishable, because that’s money to them (or the father of the bride, really).

So Where Do You Find These Custom Printed Cooler Bags?

Right here. At BRAVA Marketing. That’s right. All you need to do is check out the countless selections we have in designs and styles right here. You then contact us immediately to discuss just how much in bulk you’d like to purchase. We customize the brand on your cooler bags, and they instantly get shipped out. That’s it.

So what are you waiting for? Start now!

How an Organic Farm Business Can Benefit From Promotional Cooler Bags

Go to California, and you’ll see one massive trend (you’ll find them everywhere, actually, but predominantly in Cali in a big way) — you’ll see an upswing of organic foods taking over grocery stores and family diets. Competition’s high. And even farms compete despite the camaraderie associated with all of them as they support a trend that’s obviously good for our health. BRAVA Marketing, though, has the ideal way to develop a USP and separate you from the rest of the companies providing a service for on-demand organic food —

Why Not Market Promotional Cooler Bags With Purchases?

You’re focusing on the product and offering an incentive. The great thing about promotional cooler bagspromotional cooler bags is that they not only preserve a customer’s organic food, but promote your brand as well. The name sticks. You stick. You make a strong connection with the customer and give them an added product tied in to what they’ve purchased, and it makes all the difference.

Organic food’s good for the soul. Imagine picnics, for instance. Carry your cooler bag, and you’re guaranteed freshness during Spring or Summer while always staying fresh in mind of those customers who bought your products from you — because those products are in that cooler bag you gave them for free!

It’s an incentive. An incentive to keep buying. Free gifts for customers go a long way, if it’s the right gift. And you can’t go wrong with promotional cooler bags for your particular demographic and niche.

For More Information About Promotional Cooler Bags, We Can Help!

Just contact us. That’s all you need to do. We have a wide variety of styles in the customizable cooler bag designs, so go ahead and check it out. At a bulk cost, you’re practically guaranteed return business —

After all…. What else are they going to do with that free cooler bag? They’re going to buy more of your organic food, of course!