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Why Sports Teams Leverage Beverage Holders for Their Fans

We think it’s funny that we got ‘leverage’ and ‘beverage’ in the same sentence for a bit of poetic fun. All kidding aside, the right marketing products make a difference. And if you’re interested in leveraging (there we go again) beverage holders, you have to see the value in it. We’re willing to bet that if you’re a sports franchise — football, baseball, basketball, etc. etc., either professional, college or even high school — beverage holders are a game changer (no pun intended).

After All, Just About Every Football Freak and Quarterback’s Dad Will Carry Around a Pop or a Beer

Boost your marketing efforts by either gifting or selling those customized branded beverage holders to all who want to enjoy a game without having to hold onto the icy cold cans. We call that a great benefit for the team franchise looking to bolster more visibility and interest in future touchdowns, triple plays, home runs, and three-pointers.

When you think about it, that represents a large portion of the revenue coming in. Not just tickets. Or even the concessions. When franchises push marketing items like this that not only serve to please the fans but provide a specific function, you’ve got a winner. After all, why do you think hoodies, t-shirts or jackets make such a statement from a marketing standpoint? It’s worth the money!

Your Goal Then (Not a “Field Goal”) Is to Contact BRAVA Marketing Right Now and See What You Can Find Out About Branded Beverage Holders

We have a ton of possibilities right here! All you need to do is contact us immediately to get you squared away. The team’s waiting. BRAVA Marketing is waiting. Crowds are waiting. They want their cold ones in the comfort of those beverage holders that happen to have your mascot or team name on it!