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How Restaurants Can Make a HUGE Amount of Money on New Year’s With Just a Noisemaker

Not just any noisemaker, though. How about at least 50 of them? And branded — with the name of your restaurant. You have to imagine that New Year’s Eve is a tremendous night for many restaurants, clubs, and bars for good reason. People want to party. And still many people enjoy partying at the best joint in town, whatever that joint may be. So one way a restaurant can promote with the best of them is branding noisemakers for all and giving them out as gifts!

A Noisemaker for EVERY Employee. And EVERY Customer.noisemaker-1

The great thing about New Year’s is that it makes people want to party for a very long time. When you encourage that, you encourage longer times for customers to stick around order more drinks. So this isn’t just about enjoying the new year, partying, and having fun while your employees — and yourself, possibly — have to stick around and work!

It’s true: restaurants stay open on New Year’s. Sad for those bartenders, waitresses, and managers. But if you’re an owner of a restaurant, or restaurant chain, investing in a custom noisemaker by the hundreds not only can keep customers, but also keep employees wanting to work!

Decreased requests for the night off. More excitement and motivation. Your bartenders then love to come in. It becomes fun for them to make those drinks, schmooze with the customers, and make a little noise as well in the process. Plus that noisemaker your one bartender or waiter has is branded with the restaurant label. Instant marketing and promotion.

The Truth Is It’s Sad That Some People Have to Work on the Holidays

And the restaurant business is notorious for that. There had to be a way to promote their work for our entertainment, and a simple noisemaker gets them all off on the right foot to make noise and celebrate while working. You can’t beat that when you have BRAVA Marketing to hook you and your restaurant up. Just contact us right now! And check out all our selections.

Make your restaurant PARTY PLACE 101 for the holidays right now.