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SPF and Custom Imprinted Sunblock that is right for you.

By Brad Duarte, BRAVA Marketing Promotions


We wanted to pass this along to you from one of our partners as it really helps clarify the confusion around Sunblock and SPF levels.


You may have heard the term “SPF”.  Most know it means Sun Protection Factor.  But that is still pretty vague.


Everyone’s skin is different.  If you think about it, not even two people from the same family will sunburn or tan identically.  So, some sort of a yardstick was needed to provide the population with suncare products and an explanation of how it all works.  And so was born the SPF.


SPF is not about the STRENGTH of the sunblock.  It is about the amount of TIME IT IS GOOD FOR.


When you go in the sun without sunblock, your skin will usually start to redden after a time.  Let’s say that amount of time is 10 minutes.  If you are using SPF 15 sunscreen, you will be protected 15 times this amount of time.  In other words, 10 minutes x 15 = 150 minutes or 2.5 hours.  This is factoring in not sweating, wiping or toweling off the sunscreen.  The time factor on how long you take to get red is based on several factors with YOUR skin, including how fair you are, and other genetic stuff.


So, the higher the SPF rating, the LONGER it is good for, not the STRONGER it is.


Most people don’t spend hours and hours in the sun.  Which means that going out for a while with SPF 15 might be fine for you, as long as you don’t wash, sweat or wipe it off.  It benefits you to have a stronger rated sunblock if you plan on being outside for a fair bit of time.


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