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Why Sports Injury Specialists Give a Branded Frisbee as a Gift

As a very specialized niche, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to throw a freakin’ frisbee. Right? Right. Name one person who wouldn’t slap his or her own forehead as the frisbee sails like a retarded vinyl disc spinning aimlessly in the air and diving into the ground going nowhere.

Obviously, It Does Take a Little ‘Skill’ to Throw That Frisbee

A certain flick of a wrist. Aim. Targeting. Control. Arguably, frisbee throwing takes just as branded frisbee-1much art as boomerang throwing! So think of sports injury specialists, specifically of hand or wrist injuries, and you’ve nailed it right on the wall. Nothing beats branded frisbees as ways to celebrate a patient’s coming back into his or her own.

When you think about it, it makes sense — using your hand in that way represents a very defined motion. This especially hits home with kids. A branded frisbee gives you that combo of something that can be a serious sports, and a great family pastime reminding you that you can make them fly —

And it’s all the more better when after your therapy sessions, and you’ve completely healed, that you can spin that branded frisbee better than anyone. Proof that you’ve healed — and proof that your therapist helped heal you. Now you’ve got something for a lifetime proving that you can do it all on your own.

As a Sports Therapist, a Branded Frisbee Does the Trick

You want to leave a lasting impression on your patients, especially since this particular field involves a lot of reputation building. What better way to build that reputation than with a gift reminding a patient that they still have that authentic swing? Absolutely.

Check out some of the designs we have right now! It’s worth it. BRAVA Marketing is definitely worth it. Contact us right away, and we’ll get you started on building your brand. With, yes believe it — a frisbee!