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Why Festivals, Parades, and Carnivals Can Make a Killing on Custom Beverage Holders

Arguably the best marketing event any business could ever get involved in is a festival. That’s undisputed. This also includes the likes of carnivals and especially parades, although the latter tends to apply to a much broader demographic. Heck, even an accounting firm can have their own float! But the one thing about such events are the cool items to give away! You know what we’re talking about — in parades, people give away candy! So let’s ask the cool question — why not certain promotional items, such as custom beverage holders??

These Custom Beverage Holders Sound Like Great Ideas, Actually, Especially for Festivals and Parades

Think of the possibilities! This is especially the case for outdoor festivals when promoting restaurants, stands, or other such eateries looking to increase their visibility. But can you just imagine the push for a parade when a certain chain decides to have a float and all sorts of custom beverage holders to give away to the crowds? That’s crowd-sourcing word-of-mouth at its best. Worth the investment.

The point is getting that interaction across. Marketing is at its best when you approach the real customer in person. Sure, social media, online marketing, even banners have their place. But nothing beats a personalized approach outside of buildings! Some say that’s the best way to find your customers. Go outside. And some of the best events with the most potential customers? You guessed it: parades, carnivals, and festivals.

The Great Thing Is You Can Find Other Such Fun Items to Brand and Promote

Where? Right here at BRAVA Marketing. For starters, though, go with these custom beverage holders and find the style you like. When you’ve got the goods, all you need to do is contact us immediately to get your first delivery squared away. It’s easy! Then just imagine all those promotional products in the hand of dozens of people outside of your business!