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Custom Branded Magnet Memes Are an Excellent Form of Content Marketing

You can be any well-known brand out there: Star Wars, Hello Kitty, or…Playboy. Whatever the case may be, media in all its form, whether it’s content, imagery, or anything else, ends up so recognizable that people near and far would be so willing to actually pay for it. And nothing beats a meme these days in the digital era, so why not take it a step further? Create a custom branded magnet meme, sell it, make great coin on it. And for what? Pennies for BRAVA Marketing? We approve.

The Custom Branded Magnet Meme Puts the Message or the Funny Picture Right on the Fridge of the Person Who Wants to Be Reminded of It Every Day

Magnets actually do that quite well for good reason. They stick. They’re actually very much like sticky notes, only so much more durable. That’s why we often see a lot of custom branded magnet memes that have gone so viral — there’s no doubt there’s a demographic out there, a customer group, willing to pay money just to own a good custom magnet with the term, phrase, word, image, or all of the above all over it. Clearly.

Not only does it benefit a well-known brand at first — it keeps that brand at the forefront for as long as possible. Those magnets stay up for a really long term, leaving a lasting impression. It could be a rather viral and celebrity-status image of a cat you may have been well-known for as a photographer, and because you’re so well known, many big-time admirers won’t think twice about spending money on a simple magnet to stick on the fridge.

Get some of those mediums in bulk at little cost, sell it at the higher end, and reap the ROI. Can’t get any simpler than that.

But You Can’t Get There Until You Check Us Out

Don’t wait. Do it now. You can take a look at all the designs we have on custom branded magnets. When you find one you like, just contact us. We’ll get you set up, and in no time your message to the world will end up on someone’s fridge!

Why Delivery Services Need Their Own Custom Branded Magnets

We might already be preaching to the choir. However, there are certain tips and tricks about using custom branded magnets many on-demand delivery services might not even know about that would make so much of a difference. For starters…. Think customer retention here.

Most Delivery Services Might Simply Have a Stack of Those Magnets for Customers Walking in or Stopping By

And then your employees just give them away. Which works. Don’t get us wrong on that. Typically potential customers will often just bring those magnets back home, stick ’em on the fridge, and call it good. But the key to really getting the value is all about customer retention. You want to give them a reason to call you again not while they’re prospecting your business — but after they’ve already made their first order!

So…include that magnet in the first delivery! Make sense? That’s strategic marketing. The excellent bonus of doing it that way is the fact that you can factor in the revenue of each and every magnet based on that first purchase.

The instant ROI is the customer now has a way to reorder. You’ve targeted the customer after closing on the customer in the first place. Don’t just give those custom branded magnets away just in case a prospective customer wants to buy weeks from now.

Give Those FIRST-TIME Customers Those Custom Branded Magnets After They’ve Already Bought Something

It’s almost like an upsell. Incentive. Added value on top of the purchase they’ve already made. The concept is so simple, yet so very powerful. Instead of just rattling media at everybody, not knowing if anyone’s going to buy, send out your magnets to only those who’ve purchased, and you’re guaranteed an even better chance that they’ll buy again. Make sense? Check out BRAVA Marketing. Look at the designs we have. Plan your marketing. And contact us!