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School Fundraisers Can Do Even Better With BRAVA Marketing Logo Branded Chocolates

We understand fundraisers very well, especially when it involves schools. And clubs. Clubs in schools, even! It’s daunting. What’s clear is that you need something simple and beneficial: spend $2, make $4, spend $4, make $8, spend $800, make $1600. But the terrible thing is that it’s not as easy as it looks for a lot of reasons. With BRAVA Marketing logo branded chocolates, though, not only do you have access to more products, but YOU are in charge of the kind of branding you get to do!

That’s Largely the Problem With a Lot of Chocolate Fundraising for Schools, Actually — YOU Are Not the logo branded chocolates-1Brand

The reality is it’s more about the actual brand chocolate. Which, don’t get us wrong, is what it’s all about. But school fundraisers deserve much more than that, more than just the fine print showing that the school is behind this fundraiser you’re launching.

You are the fundraiser. The product should simply stay…the “product”!

Logo branded products put your NAME right on the package. You get the best types of chocolate brands, too. The bonus is you can set up selections in a brochure you design. You set the pricing — however you want it to be. And the rest is all gravy.

Because BRAVA Marketing is offering to you so much in bulk product, the possibilities for the fundraising and ROI can be astronomical. Arguably so much easier to work with than boxes of chocolate and then the concern of having product left over.

Our Logo Branded Chocolates Simply Makes It Easier

Go ahead and check out all the selections we have right now! You really can’t lose. The bonus value is obvious — you’re working with real popular brands and not just the brand you’re familiar with typically utilized for fundraising purposes. When you find the product you like the most, here’s what you need to do: CONTACT US RIGHT NOW. And we’ll get you started on delivering the sweets to those who’ve got the tooth for it.