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Why an in-House Company Vending Machine and Play Money Can Motivate Employees

Of course, the vending machine is just an idea. Really, a company can have just about any perk on a small scale (one that’s purchasable with play money, as in plastic COINS) and excite employees to want to do their job above and beyond the call of duty. Motivated employees is the nitro booster of productivity and ROI, simply put. The thing is you want a way to motivate them without just offering bonuses (because, believe it or not, even that can be a little trite and tired for the average worker). Why not go the extra mile? Offer play money like plastic coins, and insert a certain value them!

Treats — Candy Bars, Cotton Candy, What Have You — BRAVA Marketing’s Custom Play Money Plastic Coins Can Make It Easy to Promote Employee Motivationplay money-1

And then some…. The fake (it has to be fake) vending machine is just an idea, but can you imagine just how novel an idea that is? On any given day, an employee can do such a great job and perhaps contribute to substantial profit, resulting in a jackpot of fake play money coins. But not just any coins (branded with your logo).

These coins will actually count toward all sorts of treats. To our knowledge, we don’t know of any business doing anything like that, and the best part is it’s virtually free to maintain a vending machine for good reason, as you can get the goodies in there for a low cost, especially when you buy in bulk. But the value coming back to you is priceless.

This also saves your employees the trouble of spending their own hard-earned cash just to get a Snickers bar when all they need to do is do the job well, earn some branded coins, and then get their fix. And they didn’t even have to save up on quarters.

Just Remember: the Vending Machine Has to Be Fake

It has to be one of those toy ones, like a gumball machine. Simply set it up to take just about anything, and then it releases the goodies for your employees when they’ve earned it. Keeps employees happy. Keeps them hyper. Because we all know hyper gets the job done!

Just check us out at BRAVA Marketing and look at the selection we have right now. You can even get branded “pirate” coins! Contact us today!