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But it Is Easy Being Green!

Just about everyone can agree that protecting the environment is important, and it’s no secret that many are taking steps to do so. Businesses are noticing this trend and working toward being recognized as environmentally friendly. For some companies, like Whole Foods or Patagonia, being green is part of their image, but even companies that don’t have to go green for PR purposes are doing it.

Companies go green for many reasons. They may recognize that being viewed as an environmentally friendly company can attract business. They may wish to go green to protect themselves from environmental liability. They may realize that reducing energy use also reduces cost. Or they may anticipate rising oil prices or oil shortages and seek alternative forms of energy. No matter the reason a company chooses to go green, the growing number of companies that are doing so is exciting. 

Some companies insist that their environmental friendliness doesn’t stop at their front doors. These companies also choose to do business only with other companies that have a similar interest in protecting the environment. If you’re trying to partner with a company like this, promotional giveaways, as with any other company, are important because they help you stay top of mind and project a certain image. But if the company you’d like to partner with is environmentally friendly, you have to promote an environmentally friendly image as well. Leaving behind green promotional products will show your potential customer that you care about the same things they do.

Consider leaving a reusable water bottle with your logo on it. Every time your client or potential client quenches his thirst while reducing his use of disposable cups, he’ll think of you. Or leave your client with a notebook made of recycled paper or let her take a break in a busy workday by playing with a toy made of eco-friendly bamboo.

Showing clients and potential clients that you share their values is a great way to open doors, and by choosing custom printed eco-friendly items, you’re also helping the planet. Contact BRAVA Marketing Promotions today and we’ll help you project the right image to your clients.       

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By: BRAVA Marketing Promotions