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Company Baseball Games Could Be That Much More Fun With Branded Foam Novelties

You’ve heard of that kind of stuff before, right? The advertising department and the customer service department decide to have their annual baseball game, and it’s always a ton of fun. Sure, there’s some competitive-ness going on. But overall, the idea of having company baseball games, or softball games, or even golf, is to increase camaraderie and get people excited about the others they work with! So it’s easy to think that branded foam novelties go a long way in making it even more fun!

Think About the Fact That Company Baseball Games company baseball games-1Will Have the Stands, and Crowds Wearing Those Foam Novelties

And they can be branded in any possible way. Either with names. Or the company name. Maybe even the department name. Or even the name the department comes up with for fun! A lot of creativity goes into it, supporting employee morale, and reminding every worker that it’s not just about work — it can also be about play.

The great thing about BRAVA Marketing is you can get in bulk these foam novelties, custom printed to your liking, for extremely cheap. And that says something. When you’re looking at under a couple bucks for more than enough to cover the hands of every spectator for company baseball games each year, when you think about what that does to the morale of your workers, and how much money they’ll make the company….

Let’s just say it’s worth it! It’s worth it to jazz your employees up more and get them excited about where they work.

So We Suggest You Not Hesitate

BRAVA Marketing says so. Peruse the many designs we have, in fact, please. We’ve definitely got something that’ll suit your style. And when you’ve found the ideal design, CONTACT US! Because you know the department on floor #2 deserves to get a beat-down!

Why High School Sports Teams Could Totally Rock It With Custom Foam Novelties

If there’s one thing fueling the funding and excitement of sports team in high school, it’s obviously this: the cheering! You know the drill: you have the boosters, they’re designed to get people excited about their high school sports teams. They raise money. They help fund everything the players need, from uniforms, to sports equipment, to even medical supplies. So why custom foam novelties? What good would those do?

Because Boosters in High School Are Made Up of Those Individuals Who Matter: PARENTS!custom foam novelties

Seriously! That should’ve been a no-brainer. There’s no better cheerleader, no better supporter of any sports team than a parent. They’re the ones who would be honestly wearing those custom foam novelties. Concessions could even sell them and make some ROI from the investment.

But the point of having them is to get some good alma mater excitement going. So think of this from a high school administration’s perspective — buy some custom foam novelties with your brand, your logo, your MASCOT printed on them, in bulk, at a lower cost, sell them to those who really care about the team (even more so, the son or daughter on the team!), and even give some away for free to those who support the teams, such as the boosters!

That’s a win-win. That, my friend, is a no-brainer.

We arguably don’t see much of that in high school, probably because back in the day and age of sports distribution for those types of products were only available for the large-scale sports centers charging a hefty fee for a ticket to watch the Chicago Bulls play at the Allstate Arena.

But high schools? There’s only so much of a budget, which is why you definitely need to see what we’re all about at BRAVA Marketing.

See What We Have to Offer in Custom Foam Novelties RIGHT NOW

You can check it out right here. Find a style you like? CONTACT US! We’ll get you all set up with the custom print you want. Bear in mind that the more cheer your team gets, the better chance they’ll fight even harder to win! And nothing beats seeing your alma mater win the big game.