Product Placement: Only a Problem if it’s Not Your Product

Despite its enormous and enduring popularity, American Idol is routinely raked across the coals for its blatant product placement. In March 2011 alone, viewers were treated to 208 in-show appearances by brands like Coca-Cola, Ford, and AT&T. And American Idol isn’t alone, not by a long shot. Shows like Celebrity Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, and Dancing With the Stars are all in the top 10 when it comes to product placement.

But why the outrage? Why blast shows for strategically placing products? Coca-Cola surely doesn’t mind. And if you had a stake in the Coca-Cola company, you wouldn’t mind either.

But think about your own company. You probably don’t have the vast resources of Ford Motor Company or AT&T, but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage in product placement of your own. There are plenty of opportunities, both small and large, to grab a piece of that action.

Local cable shows are a great avenue. While not as popular as in the pre-Internet days, they offer a chance to sell your product to the local community. And if you’re a local, community-based business, that’s the sweetest plum of all.

Small business fairs are another great option. Most are run by local chambers of commerce, and for a modest fee you can set up a table or booth and get lots of great exposure for your business. It’s also a tremendous networking opportunity – you never know who may need what you’ve got!

Of course, all of this product placement is predicated on you placing your product. If you sell motor homes, it’s not exactly practical to bring one to a local cable studio or a business fair. But there’s no reason not to have promotional giveaways like affordable pens, cups, t-shirts, note pads, calendars, and key rings with your logo and/or company information on them. Whether a visual reminder or a physical takeaway, you’ll be putting your company in front of the most important people there are – potential customers.

So let the soda companies and truck companies have their TV spots. Contact BRAVA Marketing Promotions today and let us create some memorable custom imprinted products for you!

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By: BRAVA Marketing Promotions