Personalizing Bead Necklaces to Highlight Your Employees

The idea of personalizing bead necklaces as a form of promotional marketing has to fit the particular industry, just FYI. After all, if you’re working in an oil rig, and you need name tags, you’re not going to opt for bead necklaces! (Or maybe you just might, who knows).

The Point Behind Nifty Bead Necklaces, Personalized, Is That They’re Way Better Than Name Tags

They’re fashionable, for one thing. But they’re also branded, focused on the customer service — and this accomplishes miles and miles for the retail market, especially if you’re in the clothing industry.

Think of your employees, for one (and it may even work for male employees as well). Why force them to wear name tags when you can easily brand bead necklaces as a way to highlight fashion as well as communication? Your customers need to identify with your employees? Contact BRAVA Marketing and see what we can do about personalizing bead necklaces for employees and make it that much easier for your employees not only to appreciate the fashion cool-ness, but offer that extra awesomeness for the customer.

Your employees will look good. Feel good. And do an even better job than the employee wearing a cheesy polo and a name tag as a way of identification.

Simply Have the Printed Copy on Your Beaded Necklaces List the “Name” of Each Employee

With fast delivery, you can order any bead necklace featuring any name you want. You can purchase bulk orders of any iteration as well, whether it’s Amy S., or Amy B., or Amy C., or any other combination, so when you hire new people, you have a bead necklace they can wear that speaks to them as well as the customer.

That’s promotional marketing and employee morale all rolled up into one. You can’t beat that anywhere else other than BRAVA Marketing. So check out our designs right now. See what fits you and your business.