How School Fundraisers Can Up the Excitement With Logo Branded Play Money

Any fundraiser knows this — it’s about the thanks. The appreciation. The love. The joy of giving. Whether you’re a church or school, it’s all about making people feel excited about giving and showing them all that you appreciate what they do for the cause you uphold. So what do you do? You offer gifts. Stick with me on this one: there’s NO BETTER GIFT than offering logo branded play money!

You’re Laughing for Good Reason, Because on the logo branded play money-1Surface Logo Branded Play Money’s Almost Like a Joke

The truth is that’s your secret weapon, because of the value you give it. People love value even more than gifts! And because you can stock up on your own logo branded play money through BRAVA Marketing at an efficient cost, setting up a way for givers’ access to all sorts of gifts or prizes based on their promotional bucks makes for a great way to get them even more thankful for what they’ve done.

Think of schools and what they can do with that. Food drives. People who give food get logo branded play money that can go toward real ways for them to feel more than thankful for what they’ve done: gift cards, prepaid cards, date nights, books, and so much more. Churches can actually pay volunteers (oxymoron, we know) with that logo branded play money, and that can go to something that’ll allow those volunteers to feel like what they do…MATTERS.

The Value Is Obvious Especially Since the Honor’s Already There in Giving….

And you’re just making that much more…. All it takes is a THANK YOU. And that’s the best kind of THANK YOU you could ever give. So what do you need to do? Check out BRAVA Marketing right now, look at the selections we have. Pick one you like. All you need to do is contact us if you have any questions. Before you know it, your fundraiser will not only succeed — but those backing you will not only feel like they’ve made a difference, they’ll know that they ARE the difference.