Taking Pride in Your Office Culture With Customized Sticky Notes

Hold up: don’t stop reading. Because while what you’re instantly thinking in that customized sticky notes don’t do a single thing to up your office culture in any way, let me elaborate a bit more on what I mean by customized — I don’t mean branding those sticky notes with the name of the business! Not at all.

Instead Why Not Use Customized Sticky Notes Branded for ALL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES?

Talk about employee morale. And efficiency. Sure, in this day and age the digital has made its footprint, but somehow, some way, sticky notes still stick on computer screens, whiteboards and desks with the tried-true method. The only thing barring sticky notes from being truly effective is that you always have to sign your first name so your respondent knows who’s messaging. Not that it’s a bad thing. But we kind of want to get those little pesky responsibilities out of the way.

To give your employees true sense of ownership, there’s nothing better than using customized sticky notes branded with each and every one of their names. They end up having their own sticky notes — with their names already on it. And that changes the game when the office manager comes to your cubicle and asks if you need any more supplies.

Instead of just asking for regular sticky notes. Ask for your sticky notes from BRAVA Marketing! Employee pride goes a long way. In fact, morale happens to be one of the biggest driving forces for success in the corporate world. After all, in the film “Office Space” that guy goes crazy over wanting his stapler back!

Communication Within an Office Setting Just Got Better

Look, we’re not knocking Skype or Messenger. That’s for sure. But there’s just something so much more personal and “quick” about sticky notes. Check out the designs we have right here. And as always, contact us when you’ve found your ideal product. Make a note of it. A sticky note, in fact.